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  by metman499
There are also 2 DODX flats at the Railroad Museum of PA. They are on display outside.

  by Spartan Phalanx
It's very impressive indeed to see an Army heavy brigade move it's equipment out on these DODX flatcars. M-1A2's, M-2/3A3's, MLRS and M-109A6's- heavy metal indeed.

  by John_Perkowski
The pictures of a DODX7000 are actually those of a Pullman Troop Sleeper on display at Judson Indiana.

SFAIK, DOD has no passenger equipment on roster in CONUS. 20 years ago, we had some stuff in Germany (mainly for the Frankfurt-Berlin train) but I'm not even sure about that anymore.
  by RailVet
The Berlin Duty Train made its last run in December 1990, and the Transportation Corps Museum at Fort Eustis, VA, has a supposed Berlin Duty Train car on display. Reportedly this car was renovated for such service but never actually used on the Berlin Duty Train. It still carries DB markings, not US Army and the TC branch insignia.

I've seen a European website that showed remaining ex-Berlin Duty Train cars covered with rust and sitting unused in a rail yard. Any that still exist are now very long in the tooth.

The TC Museum also has a European-style caboose on display and the sign next to it states it was used by the train crew on the Berlin Duty Train. This is NOT true. The caboose was used to carry MPs escorting freight trains in and out of Berlin and was not used in conjunction with passenger trains. The crew on the latter rode in cars in which half of the space was for baggage and half for compartments.

The last roster I saw of DOD-owned rail cars in CONUS did not include any passenger equipment.
  by scharnhorst
I my self caught 2 DODX Flats once with 2 small GE Centercabs on them I don't know what ever happened to the photos thow