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  by Pensyfan19
I have just checked the MyLIRR train tracker app, now known as TrainTime, and it says that train 651 from Port Jeff to Jamaica has a DM30AC leading (510), and a DE30AC trailing (421). The train has just departed Smithtown as of when this was posted (12:55 PM ET).

Can anyone confirm if this is true information with a DE and DM30AC on the same train?!?!

Also, have there been other occurrences where a DE and DM30AC have been on the same train, and is that allowed by the rules of the LIRR? (This train is going to Jamaica, so I would think so. I don't think there is a rule saying that they cannot be on the same train.)
  by Riverduckexpress
I'm certainly no expert on LIRR rules, and I wouldn't know if it's allowed or not (though I would assume there's no rule against it), but assuming TrainTime was accurate, and that the same engineer operated this set back and forth, I believe they would be entitled to an extra day's pay as per the co-mingling work rule (operating a diesel engine and an electric engine during the same work assignment, with the DM30ACs counted as electric engines for this purpose).
  by gamer4616
It is pretty rare to see that, but it could happen if there are cab car / engine shortages. Looks like 2712 ran with 515/422 on 6/15. It could be a shortage of equipment due to PTC upgrades and/or operational restraints due to the essential program related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  by Backshophoss
DE and DM's have a 6 C-3 car limit on their HEP inverters,and there 're not that many C-3 cab cars to boot.
How many C-3 cars were on that Tran? This might have been a "Meatball "consist made up at Hillside to cover that run.
  by Pensyfan19
This is what I caught on the TrainTime, formerly MyLIRR, app yesterday.
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  by LIRRcustoms.com
Very rarely will they run with a 400 and 500 in the same consist. There is no prohibition why they cannot.

The Train Time app is consistently wrong as it was with the two examples above. I was deadheading on 2712 on 6/15 and the engine was 422 and cab car was 5015. Usually, the app is erroneous due to the dispatcher or train director inputting the wrong numbers on the TIMACS computer. The app interfaces with the TIMACS system and shows the leading and trailing engine numbers based on what is given by the dispatcher. If they miss a "0", #5015 now becomes 515.
  by Pensyfan19
Well, I can now confirm that such an operation can and does exist. DE30AC 400 has just been spotted with DM30AC 502 trailing, due to 506 breaking down. This is one of the few examples of such a move to be caught on camera!

  by Pensyfan19
A friend of mine caught this earlier today. Can anyone confirm if this is the correct consist?
  by Backshophoss
Another "Meatball" set made up at Hillside ,great.
400 & 500- same train? Called an ATM! $$ I did 22 years running this stuff. It happened twice to me in that time. Once with both engines on the west end from Port Jeff. We turned the east engine on the wye and backed it down.