Discussion relating to the PRR, up to 1968. Visit the PRR Technical & Historical Society for more information.
  by Paul
If a person could only get one PRR vidio or DVD covering the steam era, which one would it be?

  by msernak
It is a video collection that does not exsist. It is a 10 volume set of color 16 mm filme (two hours per tape) with real sound of PRR steam from 1938 - 1955. It shows engines as small as K4's and engines as large as S1's. Most of the tapes are of T-1's and there are no 1/2 train shots. Each train is shown complete from locomotive to N5 caboose.

  by Schuylkill Valley
Back in the late 1940`s men by the name of George W. Gairhart and Art Acker of Reading ,Pa. took 16 mm film of the PRR Schuylkill Valley branch in its former Glory , I`m blesses that I have a copy of this film in video forum . It shows k-4`s,G-5`s, L-1`s, ect. in and around the Reading City area .