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  by CTL
In 1947, the Charkow Locomotive Factory, based upon technical documentation from the ALCO company, began production of a six-axle diesel locomotive, designating it as series TE1. Experienced gained from the following 10 years of service of this diesel before fruit in the apperance of the TEM1 series, the first example of which left the gates of the Bryansk Locomotive Factory in 1958. A year leater the TEM1 series was given a greater modernization which led to the birth of the TEM2 series, The Bryansk Locomotive Factory, in additional to satisfying the needs of the Soviet railways, also produced series TEM2 locomotive for export - to Cuba and to Poland where principal users were in industry, and the second place the PKP. On the PKP they were assigned the series SM48. The first TEM2 locomotives arrived in March 1974, while the SM48 series didn't come until 1976. In Poland around 300 examples of the TEM2 series are in use, while the SM48 series numbers 130 locomotives. These series include locomotives on both the 1435mm and 1520mm guages.

1520mm locomotive (Poland):




1435mm locomotive (Poland):



http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... M2-204.JPG

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 010073.JPG

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... M2-225.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 010013.JPG

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 004(1).JPG

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... o/2402.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... -123-1.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 186(1).jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... -215-2.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... M2-163.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... EM2/01.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... M2-192.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 299(1).jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... M2-183.JPG

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... M2-183.jpg

http://www.powiat.mielec.pl/cupik/kolej ... /tem2a.jpg

Pol-Miedz Trans modernizated locomotive (Poland):
http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... M2-298.jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 035(4).jpg

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 010010.JPG

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... foto/1.JPG

http://przewoznicykolejowi.kolej.szczec ... 010024.JPG

  by David Benton
Welcome CTL , and thanks for posting the picture links of Polish Railways .
How has passenger transport fared in the last 10 - 15 yeasr or so ?
i was there around 15 years ago , and it seemed quite good . However private car ownership seemed to be booming at that time . Is the train service still good ? .