• Did the Perth Amboy & Elizabethport RR exist?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by SPUI
I've seen the CNJ Perth Amboy Branch called this in many places. But Poor's manuals don't list it in the current or former companies areas. Did it exist as a separate charter, or was it always a spur of the CNJ?

  by Irish Chieftain
IIRC it was the Elizabeth & Perth Amboy RR...and it probably existed as an "entity" the same way as the Newark & New York RR did. Older Hagstrom maps called it the "Elizabeth & Perth Amboy Branch" of the CNJ.

  by SPUI
The thing is, Poor's manuals show those separate entities, even the ones that never did anything before being merged (like the Sussex Valley RR, which was merged into the NJ Midland, AKA NYS&W).
It could just be an error in the manuals.

  by choess
Does MIT have the ICC valuation reports in its collection? Bob Netzlof put the PRR Valuation Report online, do give an idea of the contents; you should be able to extract the corporate history of the CNJ from the appopriate report.

If not, I'm hoping to go make myself copies of the "good parts" of the valuation reports around the end of the month, and when I have time, I'll see if I can get them on the Web.

  by SPUI
Thanks for the suggestion - it appears MIT does have the valuation reports. I'll go look at them when I have a chance.

  by SPUI
Ugh. MIT has almost all the ICC reports, except for the valuation reports. The only local place I can see them is Harvard, and I have to pay $15 per day.

  by GandyDancer
I'm pretty sure it was the Perth Amboy and Elizabeth RR. I think the charter was granted in 1869 or 70 with construction starting in 1871. I believe CNJ absorbed it in 1873 and completed construction. IIRC, both the B&O (fronting for the PRR) and the LV opposed the charter and tried to derail it.