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  by Allen Hazen
There have been lengthy discussions (maybe on the PC forum, maybe on this one) of the colour of Pennsylvania Railroad locomotives: even when there are colour photos available on the WWWeb, it is hard to tell whether they were really black or (very) dark green!
Recently a bunch of photos of PRR diesels (maybe some EMD, but I only looked at the Alcos and GEs) have gone up on the "Fallen Flags" rail image site. (Go there quickly, while they are still on the "recent additions" index: the ones I looked at were posted between 1 August 2016 and 10 August 2016.) There is a distinct greenish tint to them, not in all cases explicable as reflection from grass or foliage! (All identified as "Jim Parker photo": I wonder if he used a film or lens that did better at capturing the G in DGLE than most.)