• Dewitt Yard Construction

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by jurtz
While at the bank drive-thru window yesterday, I noticed a good bit of construction at the west end of Dewitt yard, around where the intermodal terminal is. Several excavators, dump trucks, etc. I couldn't see a lot because there is a new berm in place that partially obstructed my view. Anyone know what they are doing there?
  by nydepot
Inland container port?
  by jbeckley68
Yes, this is part of the Inland port project.

What will be interesting is if the "berm" of dirt will slowly disappear over time to free up some room? (maybe what the trucks, excavators are doing?)

The dirt berm is the remains of the eastbound hump.

  by jurtz
The side of the berm that I saw was covered in straw or similar material that suggests there is grass planted on it. It was also pretty well graded, not piled in a way that looked like it would be moved elsewhere later.
  by jbeckley68
I guess makes sense. I bet they (csx) would have to pay a pretty penny to get rid of the dirt/berm. I’m sure it’s considered contaminated since it was underneath eastbound hump for 100 + years. (Oils, other chemicals) raining down on it..
  by tree68
If the Northwest Ohio (North Baltimore) intermodal yard is any indication, the berm is there to stay. Except for an opening for a municipal water tower that is used by bulk water haulers and an overpass at the east end, you cannot see NWO from surface roads. The cranes are pretty obvious, but the trains are not.
  by jbeckley68
Looking for update:
Anyone working at/around Dewitt hear anything about CSX getting rid of that mountain of dirt to free up room near the new cranes, inland port and the mains?

There has to be 3-4+ acres of useless land? They have tracks next to it, trailers/containers parked on west side of it? CSX must pay taxes on it? Why leave a huge mound of dirt?(contaminated as it might be) it’s obvious they could use that room now.

Thank you
  by lvrr325
I didn't see any big mounds the last time I went over on 481.
  by jbeckley68
I was talking about the 15-18 foot berm that is between the mains and the double stack cranes… it goes from 481 bridge , west about 300-400 feet.