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  by CPSmith
On the NYS forum, I posted a few pics regarding Caledonia in the PC days. I dug out a few more from DeWitt and scanned them this past weekend. Here's the first:

The view is to the west and the hostler and hostler helper (seen leaning out the cab door) are about to cross the service road (in the foreground) to gain entrance to the west end of the locomotive shop.
  by CPSmith
To paraphrase Snoopy, "it was a dark and stormy afternoon..." - this shot is looking to the east, facing the west side of the locomotive shop:
  by CPSmith
And now to the east side. Here's the first of two:
  by CPSmith
And the second:
  by charlie6017
Wonderful shots..........I always enjoy your photo tours!

  by CPSmith
While NYC + PRR + NH = PC was still a mess, someone forgot that the NYC was still trying to absorb the B&A...

Here are two that wandered off the rails. The first is the tender off B&A Berkshire 1418 (NYC X26056):
  by CPSmith
And the second is B&A 1413 (NYC X26055):

Both were shoved off on a spur track on the north side (north of the service road) at the west end of the yard. I believe it to be the same area as where the material yard is today.