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  by Cowford
A WB CP train reportedly hit a washout this am at Brassua, ME (about 18 miles west of Jackman). Three locomotives and it appears four centerbeams and a couple of wells derailed. Three-man crew is reportedly ok, but fuel ignited. I can't imagine it will be an easy job to get firefighting equipment to the site.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Wow Mr. Cowford, in business for three days and this occurs - and all too close to Megantic - 95 miles away.

CBS Radio News had a report during their 5A hour broadcast.
  by NHV 669
Apparently 120 or another move set off some grass fires in the Megantic area as well yesterday.
  by fromway
Looks like the Moosehead will be closed down for awhile. They have to build a road into the site to get all of the equipment in place. Three engines went into the washout. Many rail type contractors, local and statewide are being called in. Haven't seen any close up pictures of the washoul to judge what all will have to be done.
  by markhb
The Portland Press Herald has an article this morning announcing that the derailed train had a couple of cars carrying ethanol and something horrible called pentamethylheptane.

Fair use:
The train that derailed in northern Maine on Saturday was carrying the hazardous chemical pentamethylheptane, which is highly flammable and toxic to humans, according to the railroad.

Canadian Pacific Kansas City railroad said the train was also carrying ethanol. Both chemicals are flammable, and pentamethylheptane is classified as highly flammable by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Cleanup continued Sunday at the site, where six cars derailed and started a small forest fire. The cars containing the hazardous materials were not involved in the fire, and there were no leaks or spills, according to the railroad.
Bold and italics are mine; I believe the press wants us to focus on the bold part and disregard the italicized, or at least that's my reading.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Grief, had there been HAZMAT involved, this incident could have been "Megantic II".

Guess the "Hulcher Vultures" will have their work cut out for them.

Also of interest, it didn't take CPKC very long to get new signage up at Jackman.
  by NHV 669
Apparently, the first train should be through sometime today.
  by Train60
These two images were posted on the Jackman-Moose River Fire & Rescue Department's Facebook page.

Taken from the Jackman side of the derailment

Taken from the Rockwood side of the derailment
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  by NHV 669
120 passed Greenville Jct. at 13:48, I'll update the IM thread in a bit. Those recovery guys sure work fast.
  by Gilbert B Norman
This incident aside, which apparently will not be attributed to railroad negligence but rather to God, it sure seems that the CP-MAINE has come a long way since Eddie Burkhardt and his excuse for a railroad.

I note an SD-90 and Container traffic, albeit on the ground. What a difference from Eddie hooking up five run-down units, which by the end of the trip, four would be dead and one lame, and handling HAZMAT with a tragic, yet predictable, result.

Oh and finally Mr. NHV, within the industry, this emergency response service is not known as "Hulcher Vultures" for nothing.
  by NHV 669
Gilbert B Norman wrote: Mon Apr 17, 2023 1:23 pm I note an SD-90
Two SD70ACUs, and an AC44CW. The other 70, the lead unit, was under the burning centerbeams. Apparently the crew had roughly an 18 inch hole on the conductors' side to climb out of, and one of the guys who admins the Eastern CP FB group was out chasing and was able to offer them a ride out of that mess.
  by JayBee
Gilbert B Norman wrote: Mon Apr 17, 2023 1:23 pm
Oh and finally Mr. NHV, within the industry, this emergency response service is not known as "Hulcher Vultures" for nothing.
In this case it looks like one of Hulcher's competitors did the clean up.

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