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  • Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.
Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.

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  by delvalrailfan
MCYGR Cheyenne WY-Green River WY
MDVGR Denver CO-Green River WY
MDVSI Denver CO-Salina KS
MEUNP Eugene OR-North Platte NE
MGRCY Green River WY-Cheyenne WY
MGRDV Green River WY-Denver CO
MGRNP Green River WY-North Platte NE
MHKNP Hinkle OR-North Platte NE
MNPHK North Platte NE-Hinkle OR
MNPPC North Platte NE-Pocatello ID
MNPPT North Platte NE-Portland OR (Lake)
MNPRO North Platte NE-Salt Lake City UT (Roper)
MNPRV North Platte NE-Roseville CA
MNPTGS North Platte NE-TG Soda WY Soda Ash
MNPWC North Platte NE-West Colton CA
MNYNP Denver CO (North)-North Platte NE
MNYRO Denver CO (North)-Salt Lake City UT (Roper)
MPDNP Portland OR (Albina)-North Platte NE
MROGR Salt Lake City UT (Roper)-Green River WY
MRONP Salt Lake City UT (Roper)-North Platte NE
MRONY Salt Lake City UT (Roper)-Denver CO (North)
MRVNP Roseville CA-North Platte NE Mon-Sat
MSIDV Salina KS-Denver CO
MWCNP West Colton CA-North Platte NE
QBFNPS Blacks Fork WY-North Platte NE Soda Ash
QCONP Eugene OR-North Platte NE
QNPPT North Platte NE-Portland OR (Lake)
QPCNPP Pocatello ID-North Platte NE
QRVNPP Roseville CA-North Platte NE Tue-Sun

ICBLB Council Bluffs IA-Long Beach CA
IG3OA Rochelle IL (Global 3)-Oakland CA
IG3SE Rochelle IL (Global 3)-Seattle WA
IG4SE Joliet IL (Global 4)-Seattle WA Mon-Fri
IG4SEB Joliet IL (Global 4)-Seattle WA Sat-Sun
IG4TA Joliet IL (Global 4)-Tacoma WA
INPSE North Platte NE-Seattle WA
ISCDV Salt Lake City UT-Denver CO
ISEG4 Seattle WA-Joliet IL (Global 4)
ITAAH Tacoma WA-Chicago IL (Ashland Ave/NS)
ITAG2 Tacoma WA-Chicago IL (Global 2)
ITAME Tacoma WA-Memphis TN (NS)
ITSAH Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Ashland Ave/NS)
ITSLN Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Landers/NS)
IWUG4 Tacoma WA-Joliet IL (Global 4)
KG1CI Chicago IL (Global 1)-City of Industry CA
KG1LA Chicago IL (Global 1)-Los Angeles CA
KG2LT Chicago IL (Global 2)-Lathrop CA
KG3LB Rochelle IL (Global 3)-Long Beach CA
KLBG2 Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Global 2)
KLBG3 Long Beach CA-Rochelle IL (Global 3)
KLTG2 Lathrop CA-Chicago IL (Global 2)
KLTG3 Lathrop CA-Rochelle IL (Global 3) Thu-Fri
KOADU Oakland CA-Dupo IL Tue, Thu, Sat
KOAG2 Oakland CA-Chicago IL (Global 2) Tue-Sat
KSEMN Seattle WA-Marion AR Tue-Sat
KTACL Tacoma WA-Chicago IL (Calumet/NS)
KTAG4 Tacoma WA-Joliet IL (Global 4)
ZBRG1 Portland OR (Brooklyn)-Chicago IL (Global 1)
ZCIG1 City of Industry CA-Chicago IL (Global 1)
ZDLCYP Delano CA-Cheyenne WY As Needed
ZDLSKP Delano CA-Selkirk NY (CSX) As Needed CSX Q090
ZDVSC Denver CO-Salt Lake City UT
ZG1BR Chicago IL (Global 1)-Portland OR (Brooklyn)
ZG1SC Chicago IL (Global 1)-Salt Lake City UT
ZG2BR Chicago IL (Global 2)-Portland OR (Brooklyn)
ZG2LT Chicago IL (Global 2)-Lathrop CA
ZG2OA Chicago IL (Global 2)-Oakland CA Mon-Sat
ZG2PD Chicago IL (Global 2)-Portland OR (Albina)
ZKCBR Kansas City MO-Portland OR (Booklyn) Mon-Fri
ZLADV Los Angeles CA-Denver CO
ZLAG1 Los Angeles CA-Chicago IL (Global 1)
ZLTG2 Lathrop CA-Chicago IL (Global 2) Tue-Sat
ZLTG2B Lathrop CA-Chicago IL (Global 2) Mon-Sat
ZNPOA North Platte NE-Oakland CA
ZOAG2 Oakland CA-Chicago IL (Global 2)
ZPDG2 Portland OR (Albina)-Chicago IL (Global 2)
ZSCDV Salt Lake City UT-Denver CO
ZSCG1 Salt Lake City UT-Chicago IL (Global 1)
ZSKDLP Selkirk NY (CSX)-Delano CA As Needed CSX Q091

ABEMIR Benicia CA-Milpitas CA As Needed
ADVBIR Denver CO-Blue Island IL (IHB) As Needed
ADVGB Denver CO-Gibson IN (IHB)
AGBDV Gibson IN (IHB)-Denver CO
AGBMI Gibson IN (IHB)-Milpitas CA
AGBRL Gibson IN (IHB)-Rolla CO
AMICNR Milpitas CA-Homewood IL (CN) As Needed
AMICPR Milpitas CA-Bensenville IL (CP) As Needed
AMIFXR Milpitas CA-Kansas City KS (Fairfax) As Needed
AMIKSR Milpitas CA-Kansas City KS As Needed
AMINSR Milpitas CA-Kansas City MO (NS) As Needed
AMIPR Milpitas CA-Proviso IL
ANPMI North Platte NE-Milpitas CA Mon-Sat
APDWG Portland OR (Albina)-West Chicago IL
ASECN Seattle WA-Homewood IL (CN)