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  by DonPevsner
(1)A 2006 Norfolk Southern news release describes its conveyance of the massive Samuel Rea Car Shops in Hollidaysburg, PA to a subsidiary of the Blair County, PA Development authority.
This massive facility cost PRR $35 million in 1955 dollars. It should be remembered that the Federal government gave NS a lot of money to keep the facility in NS hands after the CONRAIL takeover by NS and CSX, but NS reneged and closed it anyway.

(2)Can anyone confirm that the former PRR coal whaft at Denholm, PA was at about MP156 (from Broad Street Station)?
  by rbfromtn
According to an old PRR map I have the actual bridge over the tracks was at MP 156.44 so I guess this confirms your number.
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  by rbfromtn
Yes the coaling wharf at Denholm was at 156.44 according to an old PRR map that I have
  by GP30 5513
The rock abutment for the coaling wharf still exists along Route 333 about a mile up from the few houses that makeup the village of Denholm.