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  • Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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  by Legio X
I hope you were able to catch the T-6 or RS-36 switching SPI in Lewes or crossing the swing bridge over the canal next to the Rte. 9 bridge.

  by Legio X
What kind of snakes were they? Very good work, by the way! Keep them coming.
  by livercup
DCLR RS-36 #2 (WAR)

This engine was sitting on the south leg of the wye in Georgetown today (saturday 6/17/06, unattended. It was on the front of 4 or 5 black tank cars pointing towards Snow Hill. Is it leaving the property? Is NS pulling it away with the empties. Also there is another crane and 2 maintenance of way pieces of equipment sitting on the (defunct) Northbound leg of the wye that have been put there very recently. Any info would be appreciated.


  by Legio X
I'll be going down to lower Delaware on vacation next week. Anybody have up-to-date information on the days and approximate times DCL makes the run to Lewes to switch SPI? Are they still using the T-6 or RS-18 on this run? Thanks in advance.
  by skeeda
DCL ran to Lewes on Monday the 3rd; they arrived in the Lewes area shortly after 9 am. Power was B23-7 4024 in the new baby-blue paint. Lo-nose faces west, so that you can get decent front end shots (once the engine runs around its train in back of the Lewes library) of it going/coming across the swing bridge. With summer auto traffic having already reached the insane stage, though, you'd be advised to pick your photo locations wisely! Best to contact the railroad as to when they may be running next. Good hunting!

  by Legio X
I checked out DCL's Lewes trackage on this past Thursday, 07/13. I did'nt see any DCL movement's. The swing-bridge was open for boat traffic, and we did'nt drive down to the end of the line to see what was spotted at SPI. I'll be back down in lower Delaware for another week of vacation in August, so I'll check DCL out again. How are they at DCL if you call to inquire about whether or not they are running out to Lewes on a given day? I saw DCL's (and Maryland & Delaware's) phone number in the Sussex County phone book in my house in Bethany last week.

  by MDDE_Fan
Hmm, Thanks for the comment on the pics, and Did #2 leave? :(
Im assuming the T6 is still in the shops, Shes been there a while.... I Hope she gets finished soon though, Maybe ill try and get there this week... :-D

  by VaCentralRwy
#2 went away to have some work done. Had a little trouble getting back (the ol' Edgemoor to Harrington via Enola trip) but was sitting in Harrington last Tuesday (7/25) waiting to go back to the DCL.

  by PVRX1
As of August 1st between 1030 and 12.

2- Georgetown - outside shop, stacks covered, coupled to 19 and
caboose, blocking bay 106 was in
19- Georgetown - outside shop, reassembled, stacks covered, coupled to
#2 and caboose, blocking bay 106 was in
44- ?? didn't see it anywhere
106- Georgetown - inside enginehouse
182- Dagsboro - Haines & Kibblehouse stone yard
4024- Georgetown - inside enginehouse
4054- Indian River - VFL stone yard

3 empty tanks on interchange

no movement at any location. Much the same with MDDE and NS very little anything going on.
  by AlmostCrazy25
Hey everybody. Took a while to post but i have some more info. There is a new locomotive in dagsboro which i believe to be a GE-U-boat possibly a U-23-b. Ill have to do some more work but im pretty sure its a u boat. Its dark green with Dagsboro materials painted on the side along with the reporting mark HKGX. The number is 3927. Im also not sure if DCLR owns the locomotive or if its the stone plants loco. I have some pics of it too. They arent the greatest but they give you an idea of what were looking at. Also the RS-18 was no longer in Dagsboro. I couldnt find it anywhere. It wasnt in Georgetown at the shops or in Ellendale so im not sure where it is. The 44 tonner is still in Ellendale though. Also some more news. DCLR built another engine house next to the two stall one they already have. it has rails inside but nothing to it yet. As of today 8/11 the T-6 and rs-36 were in the shop. also the geep #106 was on the siding in front of the old rs-1. i have a good pic of this which ill post too. thats all i have for now.

  by PVRX1
H-K owns their own locomotives for the most part, not a DCLR unit.

  by MDDE_Fan
Intersting, I caught the DCL on the 14th...
didnt see the GP9, So it must still be with the RS1....
I only went to the shops, But 19 was inside the shop, shes in for a overhaul, Got a new turbo+a basic rebuild, #2 was sitting inside the shops, 4024 and 1000 were sitting on the track in front of 19... Nothing moving, but did have a nice chat with a few people. :-D

Caught the DCL The 14th, Saw the T-6,RS-36, B2-7, And the 1918 caboose!
The T6 #19
I was told she was getting a overhaul, 8)
RS-36 #2-
B23-7 4024, Ex NS, anyone have pics of her in her NS days?
Caboose #1000
New Shed!
Last but not least, Looking down the ROW-

Btw wheres the track with the RS1 and GP9?

  by Legio X
I'm going to take the ferry over to Lewes from Cape May on Thursday. I hope to catch DCL, although I know it's unlikely on Thursday.
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