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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by JohnFromJersey
CharlieL wrote: Fri Jan 27, 2023 7:05 pm The current raritan bridge has catenarys too low for plate "f" and they cannot be raised enough to support it. Between the bridge and Jamesburg there are no obstructions to the height, ditto Jamesburg to Lakewood. It is my understanding the new bridge will not have the same height restrictions. Also supposedly will support 286k car weight.
I believe the current bridge already supports 286K car weight. They are predominantly replacing the bridge since
A) it is well over 100 years old, that bridge has seen thousands, if not millions, of trains crossover it in its lifetime. It's definitely worn and needs replacing
B) apparently, it was significantly damaged by Hurricane Sandy - trains can only go 30MPH over them now, when before they could go 60MPH
C) I believe the new bridge will be able to support 60MPH trains, if not much faster
D) the new bridge will have a higher clearance underneath, as well as other features that will make it more resilient to storms where salty seawater will breach the bridge
E) Lastly, and probably most importantly, the current Raritan River Bridge I think is a swing-bridge, severely limiting the size of boats that can come through it. The new bridge will be a vertical lift bridge, ensuring that wider vessels can get through - which is important considering there are plans to re-establish/expand the Port of Raritan that connects with the Raritan Center, as mentioned in this thread before
  by Bracdude181
I’m not entirely sure about vessel size restrictions through there as I have seen some rather large boats go through the swing bridge. Since it’s taller though that means less train disruptions mercifully. I once saw OI-16 get held up to let a speedboat go through! A speedboat!!!

Looking forward to what they do at the port they are rebuilding west of the bridge. Hopefully that means more business for the Raritan Central Railroad.
  by AceMacSD
You're most likely not going to see large containers ships going into that port. The river west of the parkway is too shallow for the cruise line boats that are docked at Perth Amboy. Bayshore had an issue with a barge that could only be brought in and out during the higher tides.
OI16 was rightfully held since marine traffic has the right of way.
  by Bracdude181
Yeah, no monster ships like what Port Newark sees, but wider ships and barges than what can go through now perhaps?

A few weeks ago I caught JR-05 go over the bridge and they held a large vessel up on the east side for 5 minutes to let the train go past. Looked like an oil ship? About 400 feet long ish. Might have a picture, gotta find it.

I guess they could do some dredging west of the parkway if they REALLY want to bring some larger stuff in there. I posted some info on the port to the Metuchen Yard thread on what the DOT is hoping to do there, and what Raritan Central had in mind some time ago. DOT wants to establish a RORO (roll on roll off) type barge service with trailers to ports along the Hudson River, to keep trucks off the highways into/out of NYC.

New bridge will be tall enough that most of the smaller boats don’t have to wait for the drawbridge to raise, thankfully.
  by JohnFromJersey
They will probably end up dredging West of the Parkway. They are trying to establish a bigger/busier port there, and the new bridge will allow for wider vessels. It'll be necessary to make all the other things they are doing actually worth it
  by JohnFromJersey
Heard a rumor from another forum/thread related to the FIT and SOUS.
The rail line in Howell Twp from Okerson Rd. near the Prestone plant to Farmingdale is being reactivated. All of the heavy growth along the ROW has been removed for the approx. five miles of the embargoed line. I was at the crossing with Fairfield Rd. today near the "From the Garden" honey store and there were heavy rail construction vehicles in either direction. One of the neighbors there said they were told by Howell PD the line would be 'active' 2-3 times a week, maybe more, with Woodhaven Lumber and 'sand' hoppers starting in the June 2023 timeframe, FWIW.
I'd take it with a grain of salt probably, but still an interesting rumor nonetheless...
  by Bracdude181
We will have to wait and see. I was told by someone from within C&D that the Lakehurst connection won’t be reopened anytime soon.
  by TrainCzarNJ
Here's some good info I came across regarding the freehold to farmingdale section.
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  by CharlieL
I'm gonna stick with July 1, their first anniversary, for renewal of service. Seems to be very doable. As for sand trains, maybe someday but would be very surprised if it happens this calendar year. Or next.
  by Bracdude181
It’s possible. Maybe by summers end at the latest? Curious to see how quickly crossings are rebuilt and how fast new rail/ties will be put down.
  by CR2721
I took a ride out to Yellowbrook Rd today. Not there yet with the brush cutters.. BUT they did clear a huge amount of the ROW on the North side of Adelphia Rd. I thought it was odd since they didn't even get to Yellowbrook yet. The exposed tracks on Adelphia looked like spaghetti. They certainly have their work cut out for them. Also, I confirmed the rail at Yellowbrook Rd is 130lb PS rail by Steelton from 1922.
  by Bracdude181
CR2721, the gravel pit at Adelphia road has been there for quite some time. Have they cleared beyond the edge of this pit?

And yes the rails there are horrible.

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  by CR2721
It was tough to say, I'm not up that way often enough to know what it's looked like, but I did snap a pic. Hopefully it uploads here
  by Bracdude181
No different to how it was a few weeks ago. Several months prior they put new sewer pipes in there. Probably for the new development across the street.

At the rate they are moving with the line clearing it probably won’t be long until they reach Adelphia road though.

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