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  by BridgeLineBlues
Here's a project that has been on my back-burner for a number of years.

Years ago I managed to get my hands on a single unused full-size D&H herald locomotive decal of the "old" D&H -- the true D&H.

The three remaining CP Delaware & Hudson lightning-stripe GP38-2's are carry-overs of the Morrison-Knudsen Co. paint job done in the Mountaintop, PA plant (remember that!) back in the early 1990s when the Susquehanna was operating the bankrupt line and rebuilt them. In any event, the total effort was great, but the nose heralds are terribly anemic. They cover less than half the space of the shield area and were, unfortunately, not corrected when CP did the rebuild on the 7312 over a decade ago. The word God-awful is in the dictionary and that best describes it.

The decal that I have is old and cracked in over a hundred spots to the point I have taped most of them to the backing. It would, however, make the perfect template for creating new decals. I have thought of maybe having one of the industry suppliers do this for me, but have not persued it. I realize that there are still a few shortline Alcos out there in D&H dress that might be interested in such an item. I hear CP is more likely to sell their GPs rather than rebuild them again, so that is probably a moot point. And CP I am sure probably has the legal jurisdiction over the D&H script logo as well.

I am not likely to part with my decal anytime soon, so if anyone hears of a locomotive owner likely to be doing a D&H paint job in the future, just tell them to get the nose right this time and let them know I will help if I can.
  by Engineer Spike
The three remaining D&H units were not done at MK. I am almost certain that the three 7300s done there the 07, 09, and 12. They have all been since rebuilt by CP's Ogden Shops. The 07, and 09 cane back as CP units. The 12 was repainted at a heritage unit, in a new coat of D&H paint. The 7303, and 04 were also done at Ogden. They had plastic plaques saying "Rebuilt at Ogden Shops". The 07, and 12 came back just after I hired out in 2000. The 03 and 04 were done in the early 1990s.

I had the 7312 just after it came back from the rebuild. I was on a yard job out of Kenwood, going to Troy. My conductor had me stop in front of the Plaza, so he could get pictures of the fresh newly rebuilt 7312 with the Plaza in the background.

There was some talk about rebuilding some of the GP38s and SD40s with 710 prime movers. I don't know if any of the D&H units are included. Who knows if the new management will continue the program, or just get some new power, or even just rebuild them again.
  by BridgeLineBlues
In any event, the point I was trying to make is that the heralds are not accurate.

The script is too small. Drag out Shaughnessy's book for a comparison.

If anyone hears of an impending D&H paint job being imminent, I can assist with the heralds.