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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by delvalrailfan
143 Elkhart IN-Chattanooga TN
144 Chattanooga TN-Elkhart IN
174 Macon GA-Elkhart IN
177 Elkhart IN-Macon GA
10R Galesburg IL-Bellevue OH Runs Galesburg-Streator-Elkhart-Fort Wayne-Fostoria-Bellevue BNSF HGALNSI
11G Roanoke VA-Elkhart IN
11K Allentown PA-Chicago IL (BRC)
11Q Bellevue OH-Elkhart IN
11V Enola PA-Bellevue OH
12K Frankfort IN-Elkhart IN
12Q Elkhart IN-Bellevue OH
13Q Bellevue OH-Elkhart IN
14A Proviso IL (UP)-Conway PA UP YPRPI
14K Bellevue OH-Conway PA
14N Elkhart IN-Conway PA
14Q Elkhart IN-Bellevue OH
15K Conway PA-Bellevue OH
16E Chicago IL (BRC)-Bellevue OH
16G Chicago IL (Calumet)-Conway PA
17M Linwood NC-Elkhart IN
17N Conway PA-Elkhart IN
17V Elkhart IN-Bensenville IL (CP)
18A Proviso IL (UP)-Bellevue OH UP YPRBL
18K Decatur IL-Elkhart IN
18M Elkhart IN-Linwood NC
19K Elkhart IN-Decatur IL
309 Binghamton NY-Elkhart IN
310 Bellevue OH-Binghamton NY
316 Bellevue OH-Buffalo NY
331 Detroit MI-Bellevue OH
332 Bellevue OH-Detroit MI
343 Bellevue OH-Toledo OH
344 Toledo OH-Bellevue OH
365 Fort Wayne IN-Elkhart IN
366 Elkhart IN-Fort Wayne MI
368 Muncie IN-Elkhart IN
369 Elkhart IN-Muncie IN
30Q Chicago IL (Calumet)-Elkhart IN
31G Elkhart IN-Burns Harbor IN
31K Elkhart IN-Galesburg IL (BNSF) BNSF HNSIGAL
31Q Elkhart IN-Chicago IL (Calumet)
33G Elkhart IN-Cicero IL (BNSF) BNSF HNSINTW
34E Burns Harbor IN-Elkhart IN
34G Chicago IL (BRC)-Elkhart IN
34J Chicago IL (IHB)-Bellevue OH
34N Decatur IL-Conway PA
35E Elkhart IN-Proviso IL (UP) UP YELPR
35J Elkhart IN-Blue Island IL (IHB)
35N Conway PA-Decatur IL
37E Elkhart IN-Proviso IL (UP) UP MELNP
37M Elkhart IN-Chicago IL (BRC)
38E Bellevue OH-Wayne MI
39E Wayne MI-Elkhart IN

200 Danville KY-Hammond IN (Colehour)
205 Buffalo NY-Chicago IL (47th)
206 Chicago IL (47th)-Buffalo NY
294 Chicago IL (47th)-Erail NJ
299 Harrisburg PA-Corwith IL (BNSF) As Needed
20A St. Louis MO-Harrisburg PA Fri
20E Chicago IL (63rd)-Croxton NJ
20K Chicago IL (63rd)-Croxton NJ
20N Chicago IL (Ashland)-Detroit MI (CSAO)
20Q Chicago IL (47th)-Morrisville PA
20R Chicago IL (Landers)-Erail NJ
20T Kansas City MO-Harrisburg PA
20W Chicago IL (Ashland)-Croxton NJ BNSF ZLACNYC
21A Harrisburg PA-St. Louis MO Tue, Thu, Sat
21E Morrisville PA-Chicago IL (47th) Tue-Sat
21G Rutherford PA-Corwith IL (BNSF) BNSF QNYCLAC
21J Rutherford PA-Chicago IL (63rd) Originates at Morrisville PA on Mon
21M Croxton NJ-Chicago IL (63rd)
21N Detroit MI (CSAO)-Hammond IN (Colehour)
21Q Harrisburg PA-Chicago IL (47th)
21T Harrisburg PA-Kansas City MO
21V Harrisburg PA-Cicero IL (BNSF)
21Z Rutherford PA-Chicago IL (63rd)
22K Chicago IL (47th)-Ayer MA (PAS) PAS MOAY
22W Chicago IL (63rd)-Rutherford PA
23K Ayer MA (PAS)-Chicago IL (47th) PAS AYMO
23M Elizabethport NJ-Chicago IL (Global 1/UP) Originates at Harrisburg PA on Sun
23Z Croxton NJ-Chicago IL (63rd)
24D Toledo OH-Columbus OH
24M Chicago IL (63rd)-Baltimore MD
24N Chicago IL (63rd)-Toledo OH
24W Chicago IL (Ashland)-Harrisburg PA
24Z Chicago IL (Ashland)-Croxton NJ
25N Columbus OH-Corwith IL (BNSF)
25T Morrisville PA-Chicago IL (47th) Tue-Sun
25V Erail NJ-Chicago IL (Landers) Sun-Fri
25W Croxton NJ-Chicago IL (63rd) Sun Baretables
25Z Erail NJ-Chicago IL (47th)
26E Chicago IL (63rd)-Rutherford PA
26N Chicago IL (Ashland)-Columbus OH BNSF QFTMNSA
26T Chicago IL (47th)-Harrisburg PA
26W Chicago IL (63rd)-Pitcairn PA
29G Norfolk VA-Sterling Heights MI

11J Doremus NJ (CSAO)-Fairlane OH
14T Detroit MI-Fostoria OH
18N Fostoria OH-Doremus NJ (CSAO)
287 Ayer MA (PAS)-Bellevue OH
25E Fairlane OH-Wayne MI
26K Fairlane OH-Wayne MI As Needed
27J Fairlane OH-Roanoke IN As Needed
27N Enola PA-Fairlane OH As Needed
28N Fostoria OH-Ayer MA (PAS)
29J Fairlane OH-Sterling Heights MI As Needed
29V Fairlane OH-Detroit MI As Needed
31M Sterling Heights MI-Gibson IN (IHB)

B01 Burns Harbor IN-Decatur MI Turn
B02 Burns Harbor IN-East Chicago IN Turn
B03 Burns Harbor IN-Gary IN (CN) Turn
B05 Burns Harbor IN-Porter IN Turn
B06 Burns Harbor IN-Hammond IN (Colehour) Turn
B07 Burns Harbor IN-Hammond IN (Colehour) Turn
B08 Burns Harbor IN-New Carlisle IN Turn
B09 New Carlisle IN-Gibson IN (IHB) Daily Turn
B10 Kankakee IL-Streator IL (BNSF) Turn
B11 Kankakee IL-Streator IL (BNSF) Turn
B12 Kankakee IL-Streator IL (BNSF) Turn
B14 Cleveland OH-Elyria OH Turn
B16 Jackson MI-Inkster MI Turn
B17 Wayne MI-Inkster MI Turn
B19 Wayne MI-Detroit MI Turn
B20 Monroe MI-Toledo OH Turn
B23 Elkhart IN-Goshen IN Turn
B26 Burns Harbor IN-Chicago IL (Colehour) Turn
B27 Kankakee IL-St. John IN Turn
B29 Kankakee IL-Streator IL (BNSF) Turn
B31 Kankakee IL-Streator IL (BNSF) Turn
B33 Jackson MI-Kalamazoo MI Turn
B34 Battle Creek MI-Kalamazoo MI Turn
B37 Toledo OH-Wauseon OH Turn
B38 Bryan OH-Elkhart IN Turn
B39 Bryan OH-Delta OH Turn
B40 Bryan OH-Toledo OH Turn
B41 Delta OH-Toledo OH North Star Steel Turn
B43 Bryan OH-Kendallville IN Turn
B44 Jackson MI-Chelsea MI Turn
B49 Detroit MI-Wayne MI
B55 Elkhart IN-Terre Coupee IN Turn
B57 Battle Creek MI-Kalamzaoo MI Turn
B61 Burns Harbor IN-Pine IN Turn
B62 Burns Harbor IN-Pine IN Turn
B63 Kankakee IL-Streator IL (BNSF) Turn
B70 Milan MI-Detroit MI Turn
B73 Detroit MI-Willis MI Turn

Unit Trains
400 Cicero IL (BNSF)-Baltimore MD Coal Loads
401 Baltimore MD-Cicero IL (BNSF) Coal Empties
415 Detroit MI-Mingo Jct OH Coke Empties
419 Detroit MI-Clairton PA Coke Empties
420 Clairton PA-Detroit MI Coke Loads
40G Elkhart IN-Loudon TN Grain Loads
40W Elkhart IN-Monetta SC Grain Loads
41M Detroit MI-Blue Island IL (IHB) Grain Empties
44A Toledo OH-Baldwin GA Grain Loads
44T Chicago IL-Harrisonburg VA Grain Loads
48E Elkhart IN-Detroit MI Grain Loads
49E Detroit MI-Elkhart IN Grain Empties
546 Shire Oaks PA-Monroe MI (UP) Coal Loads
552 Shire Oaks PA-Oak Creek WI (UP) Coal Loads
573 Sandusky OH-Shire Oaks PA Coal Empties
50A Chicago IL-Buffalo NY Grain Loads
50E Chicago IL-Decatur IL Grain Loads
50M Chicago IL-Maumee OH Grain Loads
50R Elkhart IN-Harrisonburg VA Grain Loads
51E Harrisonburg VA-Blue Island IL (IHB) Grain Empties
51G Baldwin GA-Elkhart IN Grain Empties
51V Harrisonburg VA-Blue Island IL (IHB) Grain Empties
51Z Harrisonburg VA-Blue Island IL (IHB) Grain Empties
52K Blue Island IL (IHB)-Goldsboro NC Grain Loads
52Z Kankakee IL-Winston-Salem NC Grain Loads
53K Goldsboro NC-Blue Island IL (IHB) Grain Empties
54E Toledo OH-Albany GA Grain Loads
54Q Adrian MI-Harrisonburg VA Grain Loads
56W Elkhart IN-Winston-Salem NC Grain Loads
56Z Elkhart IN-Goldsboro NC Grain Loads
57E Goldsboro NC-Elkhart IN Grain Empties
57J Linwood NC-Toledo OH Grain Empties
58J Albion MI-Valdosta GA Grain Loads
59J Valdosta GA-Albion MI Grain Empties
60C Hammond IN-Calvert AL Steel Coil Loads
60E Chicago IL-Mingo Jct OH Sand Loads
60T Middletown OH-Wayne MI Steel Coil Loads
61C Calvert AL-Hammond IN Steel Coil Empties
61E Mingo Jct OH-Chicago IL Sand Empties
62T Middletown OH-Wayne MI Steel Coil Loads
63T Wayne MI-Middletown OH Steel Coil Empties
64E Chicago IL-Linden NJ Ethanol Loads
64K Chicago IL-Port Reading NJ Ethanol Loads
64T Chicago IL-Port Richmond PA Ethanol Loads
65E Linden NJ-Chicago IL Ethanol Empties
65K Sewaren NJ-Chicago IL Ethanol Empties
65N Conway PA-Chicago IL Ethanol Empties
65T Port Richmond PA-Chicago IL Ethanol Empties
65X Conway PA-Chicago IL Ethanol Empties
66A York Haven PA-Gypsum OH Gypsum Loads
66R Chicago IL-Reybold DE Crude Oil Loads
66X Chicago IL-Reybold DE Crude Oil Loads
66Z Cicero IL (BNSF)-Linden NJ Crude Oil Loads
67R Reybold DE-Chicago IL Crude Oil Empties
67X Reybold DE-Chicago IL Crude Oil Empties
67Z Linden NJ-Cicero IL (BNSF) Crude Oil Empties
68G Clay Center OH-Cleveland OH Stone Loads
68N Chicago IL-Binghamton NY (NYSW) Sand Loads
69G Cleveland OH-Clay Center OH Stone Empties
808 Birmingham AL-Hammond IN Coke Loads
809 Hammond IN-Birmingham AL Coke Empties
854 Williamson WV-Toledo OH Coal Loads
859 Detroit MI-Portsmouth OH Coke Empties
863 Toledo OH-Williamson WV Coal Empties
888 Williamson WV-Buffalo NY (BPRR) Coke Loads
  by delvalrailfan
11K Allentown PA-Elkhart IN