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  by conductorbob
A question on the painting of freight engines such as the SD-40's and the SD-45's. I believe they entered service around the mid 1960's and since the PC merger was a few years away, were they painted in the dark green loco paint scheme or just black with a few decals of the keystone. If they were not painted in green, when did the Pennsy stop painting the engines in that color. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance any info> Conductor Bob
  by kilroy
The PRR painted their locomotives Brunswick Green, which I've seen described as "one part forest green and nine parts black."
  by Allen Hazen
161pw165 ---
I'll admit, it does LOOK that way, but I'm not sure. Notice that the front of the short hood of the 6044 doesn't look as green as the sides of the units. And the sides are in the shade, lighted in part by reflected light from the green grass.

There have been long discussions of the Pennsy's "Dark Green Locomotive Enamel". The formula-- and colour-- may not have been constant. Photos are hard to interpret. In addition to the problem of reflected light, this one was obviously (from the date: it was taken before, or at any rate shortly after, the 1968 merger) taken with film, and then later digitized for posting to the internet. So there are two stages in its production, either or both of which could have altered colour values.

But you're right: it does LOOK as if a bit of green had been added to the black paint on these units!