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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by eotd
any new sightings of these cars?? i heard from a fellow railfan in OH saying that there was some new reporting mark seen on these cars and a few are still running...

i only saw a few of the CQPA ones in 2002, but they were out there still in use. not only were they painted over a few times, they even had Atasca (Mexican aggregate firm) logos painted over, and were totally white, with only a few showing the I Love NY logo coming through the paint.

i would be willing to hunt down one in New York just to see original paint on them.

  by lvrr325
I understood quite a few of these ended up stored in the former Lehigh Valley Niagara Falls yard for several years. Around 1998 maybe, they were removed and sold to Bangor & Aroostook. I did occasionally see boxcars in fresh orange paint with plain BAR marks that had the right details to be one of these cars. What happened when Iron Roads and all that went broke up there, I'm not sure.

It should be noted that the last LV boxcars should be reaching their 40-year interchange limits this year or next, when were these D&H cars originally built and how much life do they have left?
  by Benjamin Maggi
Has anyone come across any of these cars recently? I have checked on the Yahoo forums and searched other online train forums and have seen people post from 2005 that some cars were transferred to the Georgia Northeastern Railroad (GNRR) with their reporting markings painted out, some were transferred to the Rio Valley Switchign Company (RVSC) and completely repainted, and on one recent Ebay auction they said that a few went through the Finger Lakes Railroad in 2002-2003.

Anyone seen any of them recently? I would imagine that they are in sad shape and suffer from a bit of paint patchwork. Any recent pictures to share?

  by scottychaos
General concensus is that some still exist, but most have been repainted..
In a previous thread:

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 26&start=0

Some spottings of the cars were mentioned, in 2005, but we never did see any photos..
Personally, I havent seen once since 1992! :(

while searching for that thread, I came across this photo:
http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2320059 ... 7402RMASyi
Photo was uploaded in 2007..but it doesnt say when it was taken.
(I downloaded the pic and tried to look at the EXIF data, to see if I could find out when the photo was taken, but the EXIF data isnt there..)
it was possibly taken in 2007!

That, along with the 2005 sightings, imply its quite possible a few are still out there, in original paint,
but we havent seen any confirmed recent sightings, with photos and known date.

  by scharnhorst
3 or 4 did pass along on Finger Lakes back sometime before 2005 but I my self never saw them. I did see a rather grubby Red D&H Covered Hopper with HCLX? Marks Back in October of 2010 in Jordan, NY but was un-able to get any photos of it.
  by staustell92
These were pre-existing D&H boxcars which were refurbished (I'm not sure "rebuilt" would be an accurate term) at the Oneonta car shop in the early 1980's - not sure what year but perhaps around 1982. The purpose of the project was to provide work for the D&H shop employees and keep the car shop open until the future of the D&H became more certain. The work was funded by NYSDOT and, in return, NYSDOT held title to the cars. I don't know the total number of cars at this point.

At some point late in the D&H bankruptcy, (which began on June 20, 1988 and ended in 1991), the bankruptcy Trustee, Franis P. Dicello, sold these cars individually by sealed bid. A large number were sold to the Bangor & Aroostook, which refurbished them again for paper transport. Another large segment of the lot was sold to a second private party. There may have been other smaller groups of cars sold to private firms.

A total of 35 of these cars (which were not otherwise bid upon) were sold as scrap to Naporano Iron & Metal as part of a total of 198 cars sold to Naporano. For each "I Love New York" boxcar sold to Naporano, NYSDOT received $2,837.51. The amount the D&H Estate received for the 198 cars sold to Naporano was $561,828.00.

If I find any more information in my "archives", I'll let you know.
  by Roscoe P. Coaltrain
Alot of these D&H cars were rebuilt from really old cars to begin with. Didn't quite a few of them have the steam-era poling pockets? I'm sure that any still running are now up against the FRA age rule.
  by lvrr325
Thought they were all 50 foot plug door cars, which makes them 1960s era. That is pushing the FRA age limit, though. If they were sold individually, then it's possible anyone could have bought as few as one car if they knew what was going on.
  by Roscoe P. Coaltrain
It could be that I was thinking about the MILW's car rebuilds. You are right, tho, the D&H's were all 50 footers. Then again, GM&O still acquired GP38's with poling pockets in the 1970s. So who knows where all the fodder for the D&H car program came from. The D&H had been bestowed alot of older RDG and EL boxes, too, and I'm sure some of them were put through the program.
  by lvrr325
Yes, somewhere I have a couple slides taken in the late 1990s of a Reading 50' boxcar in full billboard "READING" paint - except for the D&H reporting marks - that was on the stub track at the west end of Dewitt yard for some reason. So they didn't all go through Oneonta -
  by Benjamin Maggi
Sorry to bring up an old thread, but it is probably better than starting a new one in the D&H forum. I have seen most slides of the D&H "I love NY" boxcars when new with the blue and white diagonal scheme.

However, at least one car (#50161) had green "Operation Lifesaver" markings on the right hand side.
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=1780565" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

At least one car (#50000) had NYS DOT markings on the right hand side.
http://www.dhbridgeline.org/blhs/images ... f50000.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Can anyone tell me if there was a rational behind the application of the Operation Lifesaver or DOT insignias on the cars? Did any have both at the same time? I could have sworn I have seen a picture with both, but cannot locate it in my files.

  by Benjamin Maggi
I did some more research about these boxcars and put it on my blog. The rational behind the different graphics is still a mystery though.

https://dandhcoloniemain.blogspot.com/2 ... xcars.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by lvrr325
The car with the DOT logo reasoning seems rather apparent, it's the first one by car number in what looks like a publicity type photo.
  by Benjamin Maggi
What isn't apparent is why they only did the first 20 cars as NYSDOT, then switched to the "Operation Lifesaver" logo.