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  by Orgnoi1
Just seen it because of the maps section...

I HAVE heard of http://dh-collection.fotopic.net though... :wink:
  by Engineer Spike
I believe that this site was owned by one of the UTU locals.
be careful on that site, i looked at wreck photos, and was fine. when i went to the "employees photos" my Avira went nuts, with 4 warning applets, on the very first pic i clicked. there were 2 trojans either on the page, or in the pic, that i quickly deleted, and then 2 more warnings went off, with appeared to be spyware. make sure you have a good working virus scanning program, if you visit there. (talking about the site in the first post) :(
  by mikeexplorer
Nice pictures of the Penn Division
  by Benjamin Maggi
Here is a link to a website showing specific D&H freight car pictures, as well as some other types of equipment. Searching the site will turn up lots of other railroads, too.