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  by Aa3rt
I thought I'd revive this topic, which seemed to have generated a lot of interest on the previous version of Railroad.Net. Here's a link to US Gypsum's Plaster City Narrow Gauge Railroad operating in California.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTubi5Hw ... D599AD04E3

Are there many more left? Your inputs, please!

  by wess
Hi Art
great to see this topic back. I think there was a lime stone operation down in Arkansas thay was three foot. I came accross mention of it in Railfan and Railroad and Boerries Narrow Gauge page. Not able to check it out. And have heard they widened it

  by SRS125
The locos that USG has in that web page were scraped and replaced with ALCO/MLW Locomotives in fact the locos that they operate were suposed to go to the White, Pass, and Yukon but were cast off to MLW when ALCO went out of biz. The locos were built and ready to go then the WPY went belly up the locos sat in storage at the MLW plant. Late 2 went to USG and the outher 2 went to the White Pass and Yukon when they restarted operation after linking up in the cruse ship markit. I don't recall the loco models.

  by wess
the 111-114 are DL-535E,s. Dont know the models for the smaller engines

  by The Arkansas Traveler
Hi Wess,
I was at Arkansas Lime Co. in the summer of 2004. The had been standard gauge but I did find the remains of the narrow gauge equipment. I also got to the Lyon College library in 2004 and when over there collection on the company. I wrote an article in Light Iron Digest after that visit. We move to Northern Arkansas in January 2005 and settled in the Mountain Home area about hour and a half drive north east of Batesville. I returned to Arkansas Lime in the fall of 2005 and all the narrow gauge was being removed. The loader was gone and the cars were in a pile. There was a guy from Colorado looking over the GE 25 ton engine. I don't know if he bought it or not. They have added a lot more trackage since standard gaugeing the line and was cleaning up the property so I doubt that anything is left of the narrow gauge there. However it's still an interesting operation. I only wish I got to see it when it was still running the narrow gauge. I'd like to see a copy of your video on the company. I have some video taken by some friends in the 1990's. I also have video on palmento brick in Carolina. It is still running narrow gauge. I hope to get to see it one day. I post pictures on the Fotki site. I'll post links later if you all are interested
Regards BILL
  by Aa3rt
Reviving this long dormant topic, the August 2011 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman features an article titled "Three-foot in the Sandhills: The Palmetto Brick Co.'s industrial railroad".

Authored by Nicholas D'Amato, there are 9 pages and 27 photos as well as a map of this operation based in Wallace, South Carolina. Mr. D'Amato has done an excellent job of photographing not only the trains themselves but the but also the physical plant that has kept this railway operating into the 21st century.

The article notes that unfortunately the railroad is not currently in service however modelers attending the 2011 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, North Carolina will be able to visit the line. More information here: http://www.tarheelpress.com/ngc/