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Everyone: If anyone here at the Chicagoland Forum is unaware the CTA issues a Historical Calendar each year.
The Calendar is in readily-downloadable PDF form. Back issues are available for as far back as 2004.


The 2022 CTA Calendar has a 1964 cover photo of a 4 car train of then-new 2000 series cars on a Loop test run.
There is good captioning about all pictures used along with a further description text.

I remember being first aware of these CTA Historical Calendars during my Chicago "visiting years" of 1973-1988.
I would get my Uncle's printed copy each year saved for me - CTA employees were mailed one each year.
Were 2003 and before available to the public from the CTA upon request?

Anyone that is interested in CTA transit and Chicago history will like the CTA Historical Calendars...MACTRAXX
  by west point
Anyway to get a calendar? Or are we allowed to just copy?
  by orangeline
west point wrote: Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:49 pm Anyway to get a calendar? Or are we allowed to just copy?
You can download the pdf file once it loads. I look forward to these calendars every year. One complaint I have is that some of the photos are recycled after a few years. I'm sure CTA has tons of photos it has never used for future calendars.
  by amandacurd
The CTA Historical Calendar is a great way to learn about the history of Chicago transit and it's available for download in PDF form. Keep an eye out for the September calendar!