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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by cnoz0222
Hello all I have been reading through the forms for about a month now, but i still have an unanswered question.

I applied for a conductor position, interviewed, and got a conditional job offer. I have gone and taken all the pre-employment tests.(drug, strength, and physical)
Now the question that I have involves my blood pressure. I am 22 and just began taking BP meds about a month ago or so. So when I went to take my physical and strength test my blood pressure is was very high. I believe it was 150/80. Now my blood pressure is going down now that I have been taken meds, but when i took the tests it was uncontrolled. Do you think this will disqualify me from gaining employment as a conductor with csx?
  by x60pilot
I'm not sure how your medical facility worked. I know mine gave me a sheet after I was done. The Dr.'s note said something to the point of, no physical limitations can perform all duties. I wouldn't be too concerned about it.
  by scott440
I applied to csx on July the 8th got the interview email on the 10th, my interview was on the 20th got the job offer on the 22nd took my physical and strength test on the 29thof July.It still says pre-employment screening in process how long before i get Ready for hire status.Im going for RR track worker out of Willard,Ohio anyone else from here.I understand its only been 2 weeks from offer call.
  by cnoz0222
Hey just to let ya know I finally got my "ready to hire" status on the 10th of august. About 20 minutes before I got I was called by Csx and the asked me if I could email my ged in. Then boom I had it. The information from at the test does not take long to get back, I'm you are waiting for your background check. Remember no news is good news friend
  by mike1986
hi everyone, my first time posting here but have been following for a few weeks now. I recently got a conditional offer from CSX and accepted for conductor. I have taken my medical and my background is complete. This past Tuesday Dec29th, My status changed from "pre employment screening in process" to "pre employment screening completed." as i have been scanning through comments here, i have not seen anyone say anything about PES "completed." but only see people go from "in process" to "ready to hire". Is "PES completed" something new in their hiring process ? How long can I expect it to change to "RTH" ?