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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by dbperry
Starting a dedicated Framingham (Massachusetts) Secondary discussion to break away from burying posts about the Framingham Secondary in the Fitchburg Secondary and/or general New England discussions.

Just for clarity, the Framingham Secondary is the freight only track that goes south from Framingham to Mansfield (as opposed to the Fitchburg Secondary, which goes north from downtown Framingham towards Fitchburg).

Framingham Secondary wikipedia article here

The Framingham Secondary is now owned by MassDOT and CSX retains freight rights over it.
  by dbperry
Clo131 wrote:Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place, but does anyone know how often, and roughly at what times, the freight trains run through Sherborn on the Framingham Secondary line? I'm looking at buying a house in that area and the plot is right near the tracks. If the train runs very early in the morning or late at night that would be an issue.

I've also learned that the state bought this line and are upgrading it to possibly increase the frequency of freight trains and maybe run a passenger service from Framingham to Foxborough on game days. Does anyone have a sense of how likely these two things would be?

Thanks in advance.
Freight trains generally operate once daily in each direction, but I don't think it is all 7 days per week. The southbound train usually departs Framingham around 11:30 PM and the northbound train usually arrives in Framingham around 7:30 AM. So yes, depending on where you are in Sherborn and what you consider late at night or very early in the morning, trains may operate in those times.

The state is upgrading the line with new railbed, tracks, and ties, but there are no realistic plans to operate passenger service between Framingham and Walpole (either as regular service or 'special' event trains). the discussions about operating regular commuter service to Foxboro would not be via Sherborn. Also, I don't think there is any realistic chance of increased frequency of trains through Sherborn - there just isn't enough demand / customers for more trains. Freight traffic has dropped as businesses departed the area or found other modes of transport, although I would guess that tonnage has stabilized in the recent past.
  by F-line to Dudley via Park
The recent rail/tie/resurfacing work also gave the line a makeover. Class 2 rating, 286K loading capacity end-to-end, and lots of grade crossing replacements. In addition to the Framingham-Walpole freight schedule remaining flat long-term, abutters should notice the trains moving at a faster clip and making a lot less noise as they rumble past vs. a year ago. CSX never put any maintenance into that line, so MassDOT's renewal of the shot trackbed will significantly reduce the noise and air quality impacts of that relatively meager freight schedule.
  by Sprinter611
Current trains that run on the secondary as of 8/2/17

CSXT B725- On duty 8pm in Framingham, runs to Attleborough to swap trains with B726 and back to Framingham. Usually out by 10pm and back in around 6-7am

CSXT B731- On duty 8am in Readville, runs via MBTA's Franklin Line to Walpole. Makes a pickup at Walpole, then brings everything to Nevins Yard in Framingham, typically arriving around 12. Once they drop their train, they run to North Yard and grab their outbound train. They then leave around 2pm and setout at Walpole before shooting back to Readville. When needed this train also interchanges with BCLR at Medfield Jct

CSXT B733- On duty at 7am in Walpole, runs to Mansfield and does all Mansfield work before returning to Walpole.

CSXT B735- On duty 7pm in Walpole, runs to Foxborough Terminal 3 days a week.
  by Clo131
Thank you all so much for the replies and info - this is really helpful!
  by connor4521
Anyone have an updated schedule for CSX on the Framingham Secondary?
  by Sprinter611
connor4521 Here you go

B731- Same as listed before
B733- Now runs out of Readville and not Walpole
B725- On at 9:30pm in Framingham, usually out around 10-11pm and back around 8am from Attleborough. Now works Mansfield (drops off cars for B733)
B735- On at 6pm now, everything pretty much the same as listed before
  by AmtrakLocomotiveEngineer
FR35 (B725) was always a "feeder train" and made set offs in Walpole and Mansfield.
  by CSX Engineer 98
AmtrakLocomotiveEngineer wrote:FR35 (B725) was always a "feeder train" and made set offs in Walpole and Mansfield.

B725 ( with a SD40-2 6 axle) as a middle locomotive unit assigned now sets off in Mansfield only now and does the swap with B726 in Attleboro. On the return trip the B725 picks up the empties in Attleboro and heads to framingham.

B731 now picks up (Selkirks) from B735 on the trip north to framingham and drops off cars in Walpole on the trip back south to Readville for B735 on duty 18:30 sun-thurs.

Sad note since Bob Kraft has purchased the land that Foxboro Terminal in on. As of late December it no longer is receiving Beer cars... a number of cars are now being delivered to ABEX in Readville. ABEX has purchased a Rail King and is spotting their cars at the doors and platform. Their goal once the beer cars start flowing in great numbers to Readville is 12 cars a day.
Foxboro Terminal still receives a few wine cars as ordered in

Also awaiting completion is the connection with the G&U in Milford ma on the Franklin Branch, Gerilick and Blue links cars will go to the service of the G&U RR. Interchanged with framingham local B722 in Grafton ma.
  by AmtrakLocomotiveEngineer
It's so depressing seeing all of this business decline or just disappear. It really sucks because right before I left there were a few customers beginning to get rail in the area. Now it seems like a steady decline, which is what some local management wanted anyway.
  by johnpbarlow
Speaking of CSX traffic decline around Framingham, it's surprising to me that the Agriculture branch to Leominster hasn't been sold off to a short line (eg, G&U).
  by Knucklehead
johnpbarlow wrote:Speaking of CSX traffic decline around Framingham, it's surprising to me that the Agriculture branch to Leominster hasn't been sold off to a short line (eg, G&U).
CSXT has driven away most of the business on the Ag Line. I believe the only active customers are Safety Kleen and Ken's Foods in Marlboro, New Corr Packaging in Northborough, and Bestway in Lancaster. Suburban Propane and Mass Container were disheartened customers no longer receive freight, and I know that several others on the north end of the line no longer receive rail traffic.
  by AmtrakLocomotiveEngineer
I remember Bubba straight out saying: "If I could find somebody to service the industrial parks in Mansfield with a track mobile and just have FR35 shove loads in, I WOULD!"
:( :( :(
  by Teamdriver
Is this the Secondary?

Freight train fire reported in Mansfield

A commuter parking lot in Foxborough was temporarily closed Friday morning because of a freight train fire, according to tweets from the Mansfield Police Department.

The freight train car that caught on fire was on County Street, near the Mansfield-Foxborough line, according to police.

Mansfield police announced the lot closure at 6:51 a.m. Friday. “Mansfield and Foxborough Fire are currently working the incident,” police wrote.

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