• Croxton, South Kearny Radio Reference Points

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Lackawanna484
Duey's question on a River Line train prompted an answer which might be worth expanding about radio dispatchers and their use of reference points. Here are a few in the North Bergen, Croxton, South Kearny area

CP 7 - holding yard just north of I-80 in Bogota. Easily accessible. CP-10 in Englewood is the other end.

CP 6 - switch located under US 46 at NYSW yard to faciliate access to intermodal facility. NYSW owns the far tracks

69th street - The NY Central yard at 69th street in North Bergen. Yard is a frequent dismount point for TOFC. The far track is NYS&W, the next track used to be Erie Northern line, the two east most tracks were NY Central.

Bridge 4 - just north of 69th street (maybe 82nd street?) used to be a crossunder for the Erie's northern line

Swamp Switch - south end of North Bergen yard, installed to allow trains from North Bergen yard to access the Northern southbound toward Croxton and South Kearny

Susquehanna Transfer - not a radio term, but located just north of route 495, at the Park & Ride.

Secaucus Road - on the Northern, between Swamp Switch at Croxton Yard

New County Road, Secaucus - crosses Croxton Yard and accesses a mall area and Secaucus Junction station. DL&W W Secaucus Yard was here.

KW - switch point at the south end of Croxton Yard, used to control access to the Erie tunnels

St Paul's (Avenue) - grade crossing in Jersey City, if a train blocked this crossing, the DS would get angry calls from the city

Marion - grade crossing in Jersey City at Newark Ave, now abandoned. Originally Erie to Pennsy (eb). Trains pulled south from St Pauls, across Newark Ave, east onto Pennsy toward JSQ and Waldo. South Kearny (SK) switcher hooked onto back end and pulled train in reverse to yard. New overhead crossing eliminates the highway move and allows a straight in.