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  by Long island Joe
Hello if Anyone Has a Photo of Cp Rail FP7 #4070 Who in The Movie Silver Streak I Like To See Photo's of Her Back in The 70's and Maybe Today.

Thank You

[email protected]
  by Don
Elwood's site has shots of 4071 & 4068 taken in 72'. Don't think 4070 would be any different other than the #.

  by CNW5022-A519
Track Side aroun d the Niagara Peninsula 1953 1976 With Reg Button
by Stephan M. Koenig has a pic of 4070 on page 126 still in the AM Road colors. by the way I think that 4070 is in a yard in Montrial she became STCUM 1300. So far I have not seen a pic of 4067 and would like to find one of those.

  by W.E.Coyote
Here's a shot I found on RailImages.com dated a few years ago:
It's basically a shell/non-runner/possible parts source from what I've heard.

Anyone know the current status of QCRY's units?

  by 2spot
QCRY rosters three FP-7s although two are stored unserviceable. Trains Touristiques de Chaudieres-Appalaches (their tourist service) rosters two more with one OOS. The TTC units and train are for sale on Railswap. http://www.railswap.org/cgi-bin/classif ... =retrieval
  by Silver Streak Fan
Here is a web site with various incarnations of 4070:
http://www.mountainrailway.com/Roster%2 ... 204070.htm

Here is some data from the beginning page:
Built by : GMD
Built in : 1952
Serial Number : A 371
Class : DFA-15f
Paint Scheme : Maroon & Grey "Script" paint scheme
This Photo : Bruce Chapman collection, 1966
Other Photos (chronological) :
1. CP 1426 at Toronto, ON., painted in the Maroon & Grey "Block" paint scheme. Photo from the Ron Visockis collection, late 1950s;
2. Amroad 4070 at Toronto, ON., lettered for a fictional railway called "Amroad", used in the movie "Silver Streak" (1976). Photographer unknown, 1976. From the Bill Sanderson collection;
3. CTCUM 4070 at Montreal, QC., painted in the Ex-CP Rail Small Multimark paint scheme. Photo by B. Ottaway, 1983. From the Bill Sanderson collection;
4. CTCUM 1300 at Montreal, QC., painted for CTCUM. Photo by John C. Benson, 1986. From the Bill Sanderson collection;
5. AMT 1300 at Dorion, QC., painted for Agence Metropolitaine de Transport (Montreal). Photo by Tim Mayhew, 1997. From the Bill Sanderson collection.
Notes : Built by GMD (1952). Renumbered to #1426 (12/1954). Renumbered back to #4070 (1/1966). Briefly lettered for a fictional railway named "Amroad" in a movie called "Silver Streak" (1976). Sold to CTCUM (1982), became CTCUM #4070, to #1300, then to Agence de Metropolitaine de Transport (Montreal) #1300. Sold to Quebec Central Railway (4/2003).

From another site,
http://www.trainweb.org/galt-stn/cprost ... s/4000.htm
4067 GMD FP7A A368 1952 ---- 1423; see note
4070 GMD FP7A A371 1952 ---- 1426; see note
NOTE: Units 4066-4075 built on GMD order number C-147. All were re# 1422-1431 respectively in 1954 (except 1431 in 1955). 1423,1424,1425,1429,1430 were re# back to their original numbers in 1965. 1422,1426,1427,1428,1431 were re# back to their original numbers in 1966.

http://www.trainweb.org/galt-stn/cprost ... /1400a.htm
1423 GMD FP7A A368 1952 ---- ex 4067
1426 GMD FP7A A371 1952 ---- ex 4070
Units 1422-1430 re# from 4066-4074 in 1954, and 1431 from 4075 in 1955.

Another site:
http://cprailphotos.com/gallery2/main.p ... ewsIndex=2

Discussion forum:
http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/discus ... 4070_74482


More on Silver Streak:

Silver Streak consist:
4070 FP7A
4067 FP7A (running backwards)
613 (baggage/dorm)
Burton Manor (sleeper) (running backwards)
Elgin Manor (sleeper)
1_ _ (coach)
Wascana [?] (dining car )
______ Manor
108 (coach)
Kokanee Park (dome/obs/lounge/sleeper)

No "chateau" sleepers nor "dome coaches" were used.

If there are any fans of Silver Streak, let's start posting.
  by .missthealcos.
1423(4067) became Via 1423, ran until 1982, was sold back to CP fpr parts, and lingered until scrapped in 1988

4070 I *think* 4070 still exists, although it may have been cut up by now. I never could understand why the QC bought these, only to let them rot away.

http://www.myrailfan.com/collection/AMT ... TION_2.jpg

Thats in November 2005.

Dining car Wascana, was destroyed in the Stewiacke derailment on April 12, 2001


That's Wascana twisted in the photo.
  by Silver Streak Fan
What a shame about the engines and the diner. Why didn't some fan with money buy the important parts of the consist for a museum or memorial to a very funny and exciting movie?! (It is one of only 2 movies I can watch over and over.)
I hope someone saves the sleeper where George and Hilly meet and "sleep", "Elgin Manor", and the dome/obs/lounge, "Kokanee Park".

Thanks for your info, missthealcos.
  by Montrealrail
Last time I saw it,in last January,behing Marco Express company,near Tring-Junction..
  by Silver Streak Fan
Thanks, Montrealrail, for the photo! Here it is 13 years ago, in better days:

AMT 1300 at Dorion, QC., painted for Agence Metropolitaine de Transport (Montreal). Photo by Tim Mayhew, 1997. From the Bill Sanderson collection.
http://www.mountainrailway.com/Roster%2 ... 1300-1.jpg
Here's a news item:

Canadian Pacific has completed the sale of the Quebec Central Railway to Express Marco.

Express Marco buys QCR - Quebec Central Railway - Brief Article
Railway Track and Structures, Feb, 2000

Canadian Pacific has completed the sale of the Quebec Central Railway to Express Marco.

The QCR's assets include 296 miles of track extending from Sherbrooke, Que., to Levis and towards the northeast to Lac-Frontiere, and an office building in Sherbrooke.

"We are pleased to conclude this transaction which will enable Express Marco to put the QCR back into operation," said Jacques Cote, president and ceo of the St. Lawrence & Hudson, CP's eastern network.

http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m ... _60008630/
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  by Silver Streak Fan
I wonder how much money and effort it would take to rescue 4070.
Who would have money and/or interest? Bill Gates? Jay Leno?
  by Silver Streak Fan
Does anyone have documentation for what happened to engine 4067?
And where does one find documentation for the current status of previous CP RAIL engines and passenger cars? Are there books, magazines or other sources? (I'm amazed at the amount of knowledge railfans have for even freight cars!)
  by .missthealcos.
I already posted it above. Became Via 1423, sold back to CP for parts in 1983, scrapped 1988.