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  by CP-4070
Thanks for the update!
So are there any ideas which museum/person could have an interest in it?

Cheers, Andreas
  by tad10
Just got a PM about CP4070 and am unable to reply due to board restrictions based on total post count. So I'll answer the PM here, if the moderators don't mind.

I contacted Express Marco a few days after I posted my last message and talked briefly with one of the late Jean-Marc Giguere's sons about CP4070 but, again, the language barrier was an issue. If the person who contacted me is still interested in CP4070 (and their French is better than mine) they can reach Express Marco via mail at Express Marco Inc, 4010 112 Rte Rr 1, East Broughton, QC G0N 1G0, Canada or via phone at (418) 427-3418. CP4070 and CP4072 were still there when I called and had not gone to the scrapper. Again, as noted above, there are track washouts so anyone interested in purchasing the locomotives will have a beast of a job getting the units to their location.

Note that I did suggest to the current owners that they consider using one of the locomotive sales sites like sterling rail or Ozark mountain railcar to sell the cab units but I haven't seen any new postings there, so I don't think that is happening.