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  by Engineer Spike
CP seems to be making a big PR push. In Canada it seems like lots of sporting events are being sponsored by CP. Some CFL teams have a CP logo on their jerseys. Since Hunter is involved with horses, I've seen CP logos at horse jumping shows on the sports channels on tv.

The steam program may be another way. UP, and now NS have been successfully using this avenue.
  by RGlueck
I have been told by reliable and well placed sources, the 2816 is likely to be renewed as a working locomotive. The same source has named two other potential steam candidate to join her in heritage service, although the selection would be one, but both candidates. Undoing HH's damage is taking some time.
  by Tom6921
That's good about 2816. I've ridden behind it twice.

I've heard something about CP acquiring a dome car. Does anyone have any information on that?