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  • This is a forum for all operations, both current and planned, of Brightline, formerly All Aboard Florida and Virgin Trains USA:
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This is a forum for all operations, both current and planned, of Brightline, formerly All Aboard Florida and Virgin Trains USA:
Websites: Current Brightline
Virgin USA
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  by daybeers
The schedule has been reduced to 9 southbound and 8 northbound trains on weekdays and 7 in each direction on weekends since Wednesday, March 18. Frankly I don't see how they're supporting even that many trains! Wonder what the numbers are, anyone know?
  by bostontrainguy
Just announced: "It is for this reason that we have decided to temporarily suspend service until this situation subsides, and it becomes feasible for us to service the community again."
  by Ranger762
Makes sense, better safe than sorry, and I'm fairly sure they'll lose less money by suspending the service than by keeping it and having to pay for lawsuits and insurance issues as people get sick on/around their trains.
Still, I do hope the company's employees will keep their jobs...
  by Jeff Smith
daybeers wrote: Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:16 am Makes sense. Here's a link: https://www.wptv.com/news/coronavirus/b ... s-pandemic
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MIAMI, Fla. — Brightline announced Wednesday that services are temporarily suspended as of Wednesday, March 25, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The final northbound train departure from Miami was at 5:50 p.m.
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what's being reported, and what's actually happening, are two different things. the entire operating department was fired, without notice. they were called into a meeting, and terminated. not furloughed, laid-off, etc. i'm currently training two of their road foremen, and their rules examiner, as well as a trainmaster on the property i'm at.

i suggested they were fired, as a means for them to be allowed to collect unemployment, although a kinder, more tactful way could have been used. the operating managers i have here, have been told that "we're all stood down, until we reach orlando". this means, until trains can actually operate all the way from miami to orlando airport, brightline is dead. at some point, they'll have to bring back a crew or two, just to operate test trains, but until then, all operating employees (t&e, mechanical, pax support, etc) are gone.

tri-rail continues to support the same corridor, with a larger amount of stations to serve the remaining commuters. the rfe's related to me, that the last two days of service saw 2-4 riders, per train. they had less than 200 total riders on the last day of service. this move "saves" the equipment until it's able to be used fully, and stops (to a degree) the operating losses that have been mounting. the actual number of people terminated is over 325, according to the rules examiner & rfe.
  by Jeff Smith
Dang, that hurts. But financially I suppose it makes sense as harsh as it is. Always kind of wondered about the logic of operating before Orlando came on line. Good news on other fronts, though, in Vegas in particular.
  by daybeers
Yikes, that's not good news. I'm hopeful for both Vegas and Orlando, but this is a huge hit for them. They still have a while until trains are arriving in Orlando.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Will Sir Richard and Brightline be parting wsys?https://www.wsj.com/articles/richard-br ... lewebshare

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LONDON—Two months ago, Richard Branson launched the Scarlet Lady, the first cruise ship in a globe-spanning travel and tourism empire bearing his Virgin Group brand.

Today, the cruise ship business is on hold. One of his airlines, Virgin Australia, filed for bankruptcy Tuesday. Another, Virgin Atlantic, the high-profile trans-Atlantic shuttle, is asking for financial assistance from the U.K. government.

Mr. Branson, 69 years old, became one of Britain’s best-known billionaires by putting his Virgin brand on an array of businesses, including planes and trains, cola and bridal gowns, often taking an equity stake and licensing fees in exchange. Several of his biggest forays are focused on travel and tourism. Amid the new coronavirus pandemic, he now finds himself at the epicenter of the meltdown in those industries. “This is the moment of truth” for Mr. Branson, said Tom Bower, an author who has written a book about him.
  by Jeff Smith
I haven't seen any rumblings... Mr. Branson (we fought a war to NOT call him Sir :P) is the consummate showman/public relations type; he'll be back, just as others whose ventures have foundered.