• Correct whistle for 0-8-0 Switcher on the NYC?

  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by vipe155
Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I'm doing research on various things New York Central for modeling purposes, and have a question about the 0-8-0 switchers on the line. I know that the NYC used their 5/6 Chimes for the Mikes, Mohawks, etc. but haven't found any information as to what was put on the switchers. Did they use the same whistles as the larger road power, or was something different on the smaller engines? Did it vary based on class or region where the engine was running?

The time period I'm looking for would be somewhere around the mid 40's if that changes anything. Thanks everyone.
  by BR&P
Can you find any good sharp photos which might help you any? Get out the old magnifying glass.....I've got a pic of an 0-6-0 which shows the whistle well but I'm not into those and would not know one type whistle from another. And the B and U may have different whistles from each other.
  by Pat Fahey
Hi Vipe 155
Years ago I did write to the NYCSHS , asking a similar question , I got my answer from Charles M. Smith who was then president of the society at that time . I still have the original letter that he send to me in Sept 1979 . The last paragraph reads as follows .
At the end of steam , the five (5) chime whistle was the( Standard,) except on classes A2-J1-J2-J3-K5-L4-S1-S2 these locomotives carried a (6) chime whistle . Locomotives assigned to the Harlem , and Putham divisions and K11's assigned to the River division carried a (3) chime whistle . In general the whistles came from the locomotive builders or specialty suppliers such as Nathan , , when the locomotives were new , but the railroad foundries did cast replacement parts .
I hope did help in answering your question , Pat
  by vipe155
That is very helpful. It's possibly a little disappointing to me that the NYC locomotives, from switcher to Hudson, only used either the 5 chime or the 6, but I appreciate this information.

On a side note, I had read some info suggesting that the Hudsons used a different 6 chime then the shop built NYC whistle. The info suggested that Mohawks, etc. used a NYC made 6 chime, while the Hudsons used a Nathan made steptop 6 chime.
  by Pat Fahey
Hi Vipe 155
As I said in my last post , when the locomotives were new , in the classes that I said , they came with Nathan whistles . The only reason for a locomotive to get a rebuild shop whistle would be possibly this .
The locomotive was involved in a wreck , or locomotive is shopped and her original whistle is not ready , or her original whistle does not sound the same .
Now as for Nathan , they also made a Single Note whistle , along with there (5) & (6) chime whistles .
If you know the engine NKP # 765 she carries a Nathan (6) chime , along with other whistles . For the NKP Berk's the Nathan six chime was the Standard whistle for S-class locomotives .
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  by NYC1956
In looking at photos of class U-3 0-8-0s, I find the whistles either on top of the boiler just in front of the cab or on the fireman's side of the steam dome.
All the whistles appear to be step-top five chime whistles similar to what appears in the Nathan bulletin that Pat Fahey posted.

There was a recent discussion of whistles on the Yahoo NYC-Modeler group.
Someone there mentioned that the 5-chime and 6-chime whistles were pretty standard, but some exceptions were listed.
Those were the A-2, the two streamlined K-5bs, and 0-8-0 switchers; however it didn't say what the exceptions were.

To this I added another exception: The S-2 Niagaras were equipped with Hancock long bell 3-chime whistles due to their high boiler pressure.

Mike Kmetz