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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by CSRR573
Watching some FB videos, looks like Chocorua is back in service and in her rightful place, behind the Gertrude Emma.
  by p42thedowneaster
^^^ and to add to that, the notch train now has all matching paint cars again including Dorthea Mae dome and the Silver Cascade open car!

The Valley Train is another story.
Its wild variety, but why not?...double 1950s stainless domes, 1960s era commuter (table car?), 1920s era commuter, "1990s" dining (in a 1920s shell), and classic 1890s wooden varnish carrying the markers!
  by CSRR573
Thats good news on the Notch train front. Sorry it'll always be the notch train to me, not the mountaineer. Maybe when the OHCR couches come down and enter service, the two domes go on that train and the Valley returns to the good ol days.
  by Who
You will always see a dome car on the valley train from this point on. Appearance is one thing but making money is another and adding a dome car to the valley train increases revenue on those trains.
  by p42thedowneaster
I think the riders appreciate having the dome cars available on the shorter runs too. Its a great opportunity for families to check out dome travel without the 5 hour commitment and price.

The train doesnt look all that bad, but I still say it's past time to retire that GM&O-ish two tone red scheme and either go with the notch colors or just go solid burgundy on those older cars. They could look more like B&M coaches and still use the same burgundy in the notch scheme so it would still match.
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  by CPF66
It would be nice to still have two different paint schemes to differentiate between the two passenger sets. However, you are right the GMO style scheme could probably go at this point. I know its a moot topic by now, but it would be nice to see the locomotive fleet get a much needed makeover. Either that or they could wait a few more years and maybe enough VTR red will wear off, and the MEC paint under it will show through. I know in quite a few spots you can see harvest gold showing through clear as day.
  by NHV 669
The three Ohio Central coaches, center depressed flat (MEC 999), and tool car (MEC 995) are on the interchange siding in North Stratford, ready for movement to Groveton to head down to CSRX at Hazens.

Guess we'll find out where everything gets stashed soon enough.
  by CSRR573
Someone on FB said theres a new track on the east end of the yard to accommodate these. First im hearing of this
  by NHV 669
Passenger cars are enroute to Hazens, should be there now, or soon. Apparently the depressed flat derailed after moving a matter of feet.
  by Fritz
Yep. They hadn't even cleared the station and both the flat and boxcar derailed: rear wheel on the front truck and entire rear set on the flat car and front wheel on the boxcar.


They left town with the three coaches though. The SLR guy didn't look too happy (SLR owns the track to MP 0.6).
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  by Who
The maroon and gold paint scheme looks really nice, far better looking than the green and red they have now for the Mountaineer. I hope the railroad adopts the maroon and gold for the rest as repaints come up.
  by CSRR573
Less then a month to go. Anyone hear anything on the 50th? Has any progress been made on the old boxcar coach?
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