Discussion relating to the PRR, up to 1968. Visit the PRR Technical & Historical Society for more information.
  by TheOneKEA
Recently, the Benning Road power plant was decommissioned and is mostly demolished, as documented at http://www.benningservicecenter.com/ben ... sheet.aspx" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;. Several years ago, the old PRR rail lines and transmission towers were torn down and replaced with modern electrical plant, and before that CSX removed most of the electrification equipment on the Landover Line south of Benning Road and through the Virginia Avenue Tunnel. Are there any online resources or books that contain photos of the PRR's Landover Line through DC with all of the above features intact and in use? I am especially interested in photos of Benning Yard and the area in the vicinity of L'Enfant Station, because there are just enough clues in those locations to see what must have been there in the heyday of the PRR.