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  • Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.
Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.

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  by MN Jim
Does anyone have, or know where I could find, a list of all Conrail employee timetables ever issued?

I'm looking to fill in holes (ok, giant gaping voids) in my collection, so if anyone has any extras to trade/sell/donate, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

Conrail employee timetables don't seem to be as easy to come by as they were 10 years ago. :(



  by SRS125
I would check in to local train shows and e-bay I got mostley the time tables for New York State. I can get you an address for a supplyer that I buy from on occation when I'm looking for Conrail Time Tables. Give me a few days and I'll send it via Private message.

  by MN Jim
I've done all of the above...they're just not as easy to find as they used to be. Posting here was a last-ditch thing.

Thanks in advance for the address, SRS125. :)


  by Zeke
Say Jim there is a fellow by the name of Carl Loucks who advertises in TRAINS magazine you might want to try him. His specialty is RR timetables Public and Employee. His E- mail address is [email protected].

Let us know if this helps out !

  by Noel Weaver
I have a few surplus old ones if you will advise me on a private message
as to just what division or region that you want and the date(s), I will
then check my inventory.
Another possibility is to watch for train shows in your area, sometimes you
can find someone with timetables at them.
I have dealt with and known Carl Loucks for many years and he is very
reliable and honest to deal with. He knows timetables very well.
Another possibility is to join the National Association of Timetable Collectors, Post Office Box 217, Bethpage, NY, 11714-0217. Your contact
at that address is Mr. George Fletcher.
A fair number of railroaders including T & E people, rules examiners,
various operating officials and others having an interest in timetables
belong to that fine organization. Francis Meaney, former rules examiner
from the PRR, PC and Amtrak now retired and deceased got me interested
in joining many years back. Dues are $20.00 a year and they put out a
pagazine around four times a year plus a newsletter on a much more
frequent basis. They also have a convention every year, the location
varies. The newsletter sometimes has listings of stuff that various
members want to sell or trade.
Actually, I prefer to trade rather than sell timetables.
Understand E-BAY is restricting the sale of some railroad stuff including
maps and timetables but I don't know the details.
Noel Weaver

  by MN Jim
Thanks for the offer, Noel. I PM'd you. :-)

I've tried the train show route - CR stuff is available much less than it used to be. I've thought about the NAOTC, I'll probably give them a shout, too. I honestly hadn't thought of Carl Loucks, although I've heard of him. I'll look him up, too.

BTW, I knew Francis Meaney in the last few years he was at Penn. Very nice man, and well-respected, too. Definitely one of the good ones.

  by Caseyjim
There is a way of getting around E-Bay's restriction on railroad timetables. When titling your listing, make clear that the timetables you are trying to sell are OBSOLETE and no longer in use. It usually works for me. In the case of CSX, try using CHESSIE instead of CSX, because that is essentially what CSX really is. Maybe with the new administration, George W. Hitler's "Patriot Act" will either be repealed or rewritten. One of the worst flawed pieces of legislation on the books. But any rate, make sure to state that the timetables are OBSOLETE in the listing title. That will be a giveaway of the nature of the timetable or timetable involved.
  by lvrr325
I have a few but I've never tried selling them online or anything because when I have had them out at shows and such, they don't sell. And it's getting so you don't make any money if you sell something on eBay for $5 or less.
  by charlie6017
Hello folks,

I was curious if anybody on here would have a copy or an extra Conrail employee timetable (with station pages, etc) from its Canada Division before Conrail shedded this trackage during the mid-1980s that I could buy? I'm seeing nothing on ebay........

Thanks in advance!
  by Roscoe P. Coaltrain
Can't help you with an ETT for CASO, but there are 2 online track charts, one from 1979, and the other from 1981, over at Multimodalways.

I think charts show much more detail than ETTs (like locations of the wig-wag crossings common on the CASO). If you simply are an ETT collector, they won't be what you are looking for.

http://www.multimodalways.org/docs/rail ... 1-1979.pdf

http://www.multimodalways.org/docs/rail ... 1-1981.pdf
  by charlie6017
Thank You for those links!

  by TAMR213
Those links above don't seem to be work for me, but somebody posted this link on another forum of RR.net some time ago. I've found it quite useful and interesting.

Conrail Archives - ZTS Charts
  by charlie6017
Thanks Erik!

And I fixed the links in Roscoe's post above, so they should work now.......

  by GaiusRomulus
I have two good sized duffel bags full of Conrail timetables and other operation manuals from the 80's. I believe they are from one of the crew bases in the Ohio area because that is where my uncle was based. I am willing to let some go for trade or the right price, all are in almost perfect condition. Only serious Rail lover's may inquire because I do not want these going to the wrong hands. Contact me via email and title it "Conrail-serious"...[email protected]