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  by EastMassParanormal
I was just wondering if you guys had any insight on what railroad this is. If you go to google.com/maps then type in 42 Apothecaries Hall Rd windsorville ct theres a cluster of locomotives sitting at the Crop Productions Services. If you follow the line south it goes into the connecticut southern rail yard but none of the locomotives sitting here are on the CSOR roster which leads me to belive that this is some small shortline railroad but I can't figure out what one it is. If you follow the line northward it leads into Enfield Ct. where the last crossing is on Shaker Rd. before the line terminates in and around the East Longmeadow MA area. Maybe this is just a branch of the CSOR but if somebody has a different idea I would love to hear it.
  by whatelyrailfan
That's the remains of the old Connecticut Central, which ran from just east of Springfield's Union Station, to East Hartford where it connected with the east-west New York & New England. The portion of the line from just north on Sullivan Avenue in South Widsor (the present interchange point with CSOR) to the Massachusetts State Line is leased from the State of Connecticut DOT by A.J. Belliveau, under the name Central New England Railroad (CNZR), and he's slowly but surely upgrading the line.

Some areas of possible interest:
The old depot site in Melrose (East Windsor), where CNZR is building a ballast ramp, complete with new siding. As of last October the job was about half to 3/4 done. The site is on State Route 140, just north of the crossing on the west side of the tracks.

Piles of concrete crossties at some of the following locations: Just north of the Kressyrig Road crossing in East Windsor, At Enfield Transit Mix on State Route 191 (where a private crossing will eventually be built), and just south of Abbe Road in Enfield.

There's also other threads in the New England Railfan forum.
Hope this was of help!
  by EastMassParanormal
Thank you so much Jonathon! That was a huge help!