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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by Otto Vondrak
Here's a photo from my collection, if anyone has any details to share, I'd appreciate it. This scene is at the Lancaster carbarn in 1943.

  by griffs20soccer
I'm new to this forum. I don't have information on that photo. I do have two photos of street cars in Lancaster that were passed down to me by my father. The pictures are of the College Ave. car as it is identified in the picture and I believe the King Street car. The King Street is an educated guess going strickly by the buildings in the background. The reason I have the pictures is because my grandfather was the conductor on those two cars and is in the pictures. He was a streetcar conductor in Lancaster up until his death around 1930. I also have his Elgin railroad pocket watch which still runs. Otto, your's is the only other picture I've seen of Lancaster streetcars.
  by Otto Vondrak
griffs20soccer wrote:Otto, your's is the only other picture I've seen of Lancaster streetcars.
Neat, I'll have to see if I have others in this collection that I can share!

  by Nicolai3985
I've been wanting to go hunt for some of the remnants of this trolley line since I moved to the Lancaster area last year. In my riding around the countryside near Mt. Joy I've seen several bridge abutments, piers, and sections of ROW. Thanks for posting the photo, Otto.
  by GP30 5513
The train station [ex-RDG] in Manheim has fully restored Lancaster Trolley Car #236 that operates over 20-some feet of track on their property, and is available for rides (weather permitting).


Manheim Historical Society: A picture of the trolley is scrolled through the shots.

The direct page about the #236, the Railway Station and other historical Manheim buildings.
  by GP30 5513
joshuahouse wrote:Do you mean 200 some feet? The car itself must be at least 20 feet long.
It's a short amount of trackage. It's more than 20', maybe 100'.

Here a Bing Maps view of the Manheim Train Station. http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=qpsq0z ... orm=LMLTCC The 236 sits in the Trolley Barn at the corner of Railroad Avenue & South Cherry Street. The trackage heads into the parking areas directly infront of the barn, and barely reaches the halfway point of the station itself.
  by DGC-24711
An almost 9 year later bump..

because everytime I get an address to ship something to i put it in google maps to see what the RR crossings look like closest to that red pin. I see the station mentioned in this thread that I found in my street view perusing at the rails in the area and I see that little car barn and the catenary following the rails in the asphalt the length of the block. There's no bumper at the end, but I suppose it can't really get up speed to derail itself

https://www.google.com/maps/@40.158083, ... 312!8i6656

the cloud cover changing drastically as you roam around the corner...
  by griffs20soccer
My grandfather was a street car conductor on the line. I have old photos of him with his cars. One on College Ave, a smaller car and a larger car on King St. I also have his railroad watch which still works and you can see attached to his vest in the pictures.