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  by altima2011

I was wondering where you can get old prr comutter rail schedules for cities like pittsburgh and philadelphia 1930's to the 1950's. Any info on websites, or stores that would sell or make copies would be appreciated. Thanks.
  by timz
Do you want the actual "commuter" timetable-- i.e. the public folder? Might be easier to find an employee timetable than public timetables for those obscure lines. Pittsburgh would still be tough if you want everything-- Pittsburgh Div, Monongahela, Conemaugh (?), Panhandle-- maybe you need an Eastern too? But a Phila Terminal ETT would cover a lot of what you want there.

You can get an early 1950s Official Guide on eBay for $10-15 (less if you're lucky) and it will have just about all the schedules. (No fares, tho.) There's a 1935 Guide on eBay now (auction ends Thursday AM) -- I'll bet you could get it for $40 or less.
  by altima2011
yes employee timetables would work also. the official guide to the railways ill have to check this out. thx.