Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Saugatuck
Frequently in colder weather, the TA stores subway trains on the N/Q express tracks between stations.

When the T/O brings the train to its stopping place, how does s/he get off train and to nearest station?

When stored overnight and on weekends, how would a T/O get back to the train safely?

Curious about this for last 35 years, thank you for any insight.

  by lirr42
The train operator can let himself/herself out through the front door of the train, I believe there is a couple rungs of a ladder built into the car to help him/her get down. Then they can walk along the tracks/on emergency walkways back to a station.

When it comes time to move the trains again they just do that in reverse.
  by railfan365
I can confirm that every car has a ladder rung or 2 by each storm door for crew access. And all crew members have keys for door access.