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  by Silvana
So... I'm doing the proper investigation regarding one of the locomotive builder, calling myself the LTI-Locomotive Technical Investigator...but well, regardless of that I am searching information about the codes that should be stamped on the trucks when casting them. Can I trace by that number the manufacturer? I've dealt with Barber trucks and they all have a 9 symbol code, but today I'm seating with 16 symbols which I got no clue what they mean (pardon my ignorance).

Is there anyone could decipher the meaning for me? I'm attaching a picture...
  by ex Budd man
It seems to be the casting number; 202203, the revision- no revision, and the date of casting; Dec.1, 1938. The casting number could refer to the pattern/design or serial number.
  by Allen Hazen
This would be old news to Sylvana, but any other readers wondering about such things (things like: what are the nine characters of the code on the side of a Barber freight car truck casting?) might start with this
document. Second or third page tells what the nine digits stand for; scroll down for a table of the casting marks identifying (some, at least) different foundries.
  by Silvana
DATE OF CASTING 1938??? WHAAATTT!!! I was told it was a brand new casting!
  by AVR Mark
If this is a "brand new" truck, the date code could probably mean that it was made on the 138th day of production of the year 12 (2012). That is not necessarily the same as the 138th day of 2012.

  by Engineer Spike
The picture looks like a locomotive truck. If it is a Blomberg, 1938 would be about right for the design to have been established, and the casting molds made.