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  by Mem160
I was planning on an HO Scale model of the Cobleskill Passenger Depot for my layout. I am probably going to scratchbuild it. As of now, I will use the Rico Station as a stand in. Does anyone have ANY suggestions for this? I was strongly considering Northeastern Scale Lumber clapboard siding. Or is plastic better? Is kitbashing an option? How can I go about those round eyebrow windows that's on the station's dormers? I would highly appreciate ANY ideas or suggestions if I take on doing this. Thank you everyone in advance for your help.

- Mark
  by Benjamin Maggi
I would suggest you join the D&H Modeling Yahoo group. They are very friendly and helpful.
  by Mem160
I am. And I did get a great response. But what happened was I had some kind of glitch where I couldn't post. So shortly after I posted here, I had to quit that group and re-join, and then I was able to post once again. Thank you though.
  by foxtrot
Thanks for the info about the D&H modeling group on Yahoo. I am looking to build some modules loosely based on Albany Union Station I know t one time D&H had lower level near what in the 60 was the NYC Flexi-Van terminal Also on the lower level was the track that ran to Schaffer brewery and the North Albany Yard across from Montgomery Ward
  by Steve Wagner
Foxtrot, here are some suggestions related to Albany Union station. Books on the D&H and the New York Central have photos of it. There are a lot of views of the area back of the station in Morning Sun Books' Trackside in the Albany N.Y. Gateway 1949-74 with Gerrit Bruins . An article on the Hudson River in National Geographic a few decades ago had an unusual photo in which you had see some of the freight spurs back of the D&H Building near Union Station.

Roger Hinman explained how he scratchbuilt a model of Albany Union Station in the February 2005 issue of Mainline Modeler.

The latest issue of the on-line modeling magazine posted by the New York Central System Historical Society has an article on Vic Roman's Albany-area HO layout; at least one of the photos shows his version of the station area. I saw it a few years ago, near Schenectady; it's beautiful. Vic's layout was also featured in Model Railroader within the last year or two.Jim Cesare in the same area has built one in HO including the lower level for D&H trains. Vic and Jim are two of the three men who run CH&R Structures. They offer kits for the two NYC switch towers at either end of Albany Union Station and are in the very early stages of planning a kit for the station itself. See http://www.chrstructures.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; for more information on their kits.

If you search the Internet for JP's Trains in Latham, NY and examine that shop's website you'll find a link to the website of the Hudson-Berkshire Division of the Northeastern Region of the National Model Railroad Association. Their website has had photos of several model railroads set in the Albany area. So does anoher site you can reach from JP's Trains' site.