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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by AMK0123
So, for the past few hours I've been listening to my scanner and was hearing what I thought was the Kingston local shoving cars around Newburgh. I heard several trains stopping on the Newburgh siding and they were later informed by the NI dispatcher that they were holding for a coal train in Roseton. I have never heard of a coal train going to Roseton however, I had heard a foreman about three weeks ago pulling out rail and other items off the siding in Roseton (CP63) and heard him say that they were clearing the siding up for a train. For the past several years I've only heard CSX use this siding for MOW equipment and to set out a broken car. The train ID is CSX V885-22. CSXT engine 305 was heard spotting the cars. After awhile the NI desk asked V885 if they could clear the main to allow for several northbounds and he was advised that V885 still had 60 cars on the main that had to be spotted. My question is... Is the plant in Roseton now taking Coal shipments again by rail or is this only because all barge movements have stopped due to ice on the Hudson River. If anyone can finds anything out or hears anything, please feel free to share!
  by nysw3636
My guess is that this is due to the Hudson River icing up for barge traffic. It is also possible that it could be due to maintenance work of their facilities. The last time I recall a coal train being delivered to Roseton (Danskammer) was in late February 2001, in which CSXT delivered 5 trains for Dynergy Inc. They were symbols V-998 back then.
  by AMK0123
NYSW3636 thanks for the info! I believe your right. There has been a lot of ice and until last night I hadn't seen a barge head up the river in over two weeks. However, there has been other past winters I can remember that the river has been iced up for several weeks so, I going to try to stay positive! If I hear of another coal train I'll keep you posted...
  by Noel Weaver
The Hudson River is considered open for navigation as far north as Troy 12 months of the year. I remember reading in the past that the Coast Guard considers this the most difficult year round waterway to keep open for river traffic. I can remember working the River Line back in the 70's and seeing ice breakers out there trying to keep it open. Hardy people there.
Noel Weaver
  by AMK0123
Raifanning the River line today near Kingston when I heard the NI dispatcher advise the Kingston local (C711), that they would be following the other Kingston local (C712) southbound all the way to Roseton to pickup the empty coal cars from last weeks coal train. I was able to catch both trains heading south around 1pm. at CP80. C711 was lite engines with CSXT engine 70 and CSXT engine 341. Later on I heard engine 341 spotting cars in the yard at Roseton and then onto the River Line main. C711 was north from Roseton (CP63) at around 6:30 p.m.. Leader was 341 with 70 and 90 empty coal cars. The train called clear of CP66 as CSX E-456.
  by AMK0123
Today around 1400 hours, I heard a CSX coal train, V-885 with the leader CSXT 395 and 110 cars pulling into the Roseton siding (CP 63). Crew spent over two hours moving the cars in the yard before they outlawed. They were advised by NI dispatch to shut down both engines. Due to the location and security at the power plants in Roseton I was unable to see them when I went out there later on, but just wanted to pass this information along to everyone.
  by AMK0123
This afternoon the Kingston local (C-712), with road power, CSX engines 46 and 588 were at Roseton picking up 100 empty coal cars. Unknown if they were going to run up to Selkirk or tie down in Kingston. Seems to be about one coal train into Roseton a month since the winter. Wondering if anyone in the know, Roadster, etc. knows if this is going to continue???
  by roadster
I am not familiar with the businesses of the River Line, wish I could help. On a side note, I ran that empty hopper train (E980-17)from Selkirk to Buffalo over night. Met the local in Selkirk Yard, around 9:40pm. CSXT 26 and 588, with 101 hoppers. In Buffalo at 6:15am. Outbound crew departed about 9:30 this morning.
  by AMK0123
Thanks for the info Roadster... Wish I could have made it trackside, but could only hear the action over the scanner. If you get any info down the road please share with us. It is a nice treat to see a coal train come down the River Line. Breaks up the usual mixed freights and intermodals!!!
  by AMK0123
CSX continues to serve one of the plants in Roseton. E-476 just pulled north out of the plant with CSX 72 in the lead. On it's way to Selkirk around 1230...