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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by FLRailFan1
Did anyone see the Railfan & Railroad April 2021 issue? There's an article on the Griffin Branch. I wish CNEZ will get more business...They put new rails in, but why waste it on a dead branch.
  by bwparker1
I understand there is no more traffic on the line with the advent of the new Home Depot warehouse in South Windsor. Too bad. Recently, they moved an engine that had been at the end of the Griffin Line over to East Windsor to his other RR operation.
  by FLRailFan1
BWParker: Thanks....I guess it will become a commuter rail. Home Depot closed the warehouse, then?
  by shadyjay
Has AJ ever thought of running his own commuter/passenger service? Get a couple RDCs or passenger cars and run it from North Bloomfield or Bloomfield into Hartford. It doesn't have to be fancy... for now, just a parking lot and some wooden platforms (MassDOT has proved wooden high level platforms are indeed possible). Upgrade the track a bit too (you don't need Class 5 on such a short line). An issue would be getting platform space in Hartford... too bad the viaduct can't support more trains. However, AJ's track looks like it ends at the start of the viaduct, where the platform ends.
https://www.google.com/maps/@41.7699414 ... a=!3m1!1e3

You would need to reverse direction with any trains you run, that's why I suggest RDCs.

I don't know... just a thought... probably would wait a year or so before trying anything... let mass transit ridership pick back up first, then do a pilot program. Or am I talking crazy?
  by Jeff Smith
I think they could find an RDC or two, and do it, but yes, the issue is platform space in Hartford. They'd need a siding track somewhere. Also, you'd have to reverse there as well. I lived on Ashley St. in one of the historic homes for a year; it was still active then. This is something I wish Housatonic would do with New Milford.