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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by whatelyrailfan
Hello everyone! I recently had a great conversation with A.J. Himself, so here's a progress update:
The primary work site for about the next two weeks will be between State Route 140 and Kressyrig Road. This was also the site of the Melrose depot, which was located between the library (on MSN Live Search Maps, that's the larger of the two white buildings)and the tracks. At present A.J. & crew are digging up the old team track, which is to be replaced by a ballast loading ramp like the one at the end of the line in Griffins. This is apparently necessary for work to continue at Enfield Transit Mix, etc. Also, someone (State of Massachusetts?)has cleared the ROW from just north of the Mass. state line, to the old depot in East Longmeadow. Does ANYONE have information on this? ANY information on what the state of Massachusetts plans for this ROW are would be much appreciated!
Using Live Search (which is AT LEAST a year old, but still informative), I noted a few items:
ROW from the State Line to Sumner Avenue in Springfield appears to be mostly to entirely free from encroachment.
Sumner Avenue crossing appears to still be in place.
A short section of track is still in place where the Connecticut Central branched off from the B&A Main.
Much encroachment by abutters in Springfield, but the good news is, that the majority of it is either parking lots or somebody storing materials.
Except for one area, which is bordered by King Street (North), Alden Street (South), Logan Street (West), and Wilbraham Avenue (East). This appears to be an old factory complex which has been converted into condos. The ROW goes right through the middle of the factory complex.
Where the tracks used to cross Wilbraham Road there appears to be a crossbuck (Eastbound, on the right, just east of Colton Street)
Where the tracks crossed State Street, in the eastbound lanes there are still XXs painted on the pavement. (The line was abandonded in the early-mid 90s, which shows how often the City of Springfield repaves it's streets.)
  by carltrain
The sad fact is the state of Mass. is not cooperating with the state of Ct. in restoring the Mass. section of track.Because of railroad crossing safety concerns and money spent on engineering for a bike path, they would at this time rather see a bike path instead.Can the Mass. dot's ridiculous view be changed? we will see.It seems that unless someone buys the right of way and makes the state use its eminant domain law, wich is enforceable for railroad rights of way in Mass., it might not happen.
  by whatelyrailfan
For anyone who might be interested, I have posted a number of photos at the Yahoo! CT Shortlines group, and will be posting many more in weeks to come. The folder is appropriately titled "Armory Branch".
  by Pocahontas Fan
Could you post a link to the Yahoo Group you are referring to, I'm having a hard time finding it, Thanks
  by whatelyrailfan
Well THAT was a bust! I tried the URL right after I posted it, and got an error message! So you will want to go with my suggestion about Googling Yahoo! Groups and doing a search.
  by Tpochron
So anyone got any news on the progress of the line?
  by RonM
word on the street is no $$ from state to continue and the concrete operation in Enfield is delaying the finishing of the crossing. I read somewhere online the stored tank cars in Scantic are gone too and in the G&U forum someone mentioned the M&S 539 from G and U 212 was purchased (though the scrappers were not exactly careful when they removed it).
  by Tpochron
I have noticed in the past few weeks some movement on regrading around the concrete co. I know that the state has applied for some federal grants for railwork in the state and that the line was one of the those selected to receive funds from the grants.
  by whatelyrailfan
Here's the story on Enfield Transit Mix: They need to pave their parking area before the new crossing can be installed. This is absolutely necessary because every time it rains, the crossing gets buried. Don't know why ETM is taking their time on this. As for the tank cars stored by Crop Services Production, those were being temporarily stored there for a customer in New York State, and I would assume that they have been returned.
  by Lincoln78
The tank cars in East Windsor were gone as of a few weeks ago (early Aug) .
  by Tpochron
Drove through melrose today looks like they are replacing ties and also making progress add fill to regrade the section of track between ETM and Abbe rd.
  by Larry
I watched in the rain today a group from S. Burlington VT called ECI install new ties along a mile and half stretch in South Windsor CT on the Armory Branch. Speaking to one of the associates he stated that they also were planning to work on the Manchester Branch (Midland) as well. Both lines need a little work so this is a good sign. A mile and half is not much but I will take it. Not sure how much of Manchester Line will get done either.
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