• CNO&TP Head-on collision 3/18/18

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by KevinD
Head-on collision at CP Akers south of Georgetown KY, where double track reduces to single track. 4 injured but all crew accounted for.

Appears to be a 5-unt southbound ran the signal and fouled the interlocking just as a northbound with 3 units and BNSF leader was set to diverge. Lead unit on southbound demolished by over-riding second unit and third unit NS 1167.
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  by KevinD
In daylight, before brush and tree clearing
After brush and tree clearing
  by litz
Wow, that's some crazy stuff, certainly one of the more "photogenic" crashes we've ever seen.

The physics and energies involved in that collision ... just amazing example of applied force.

Thank goodness everyone survived ... can only imagine their experience.
  by KevinD
9110 and 9523 were trailing BNSF 6584 on the northbound

An unrebuilt tophat C40-9 8798 was the southbound leader and is at the bottom of the pile

3482 and 3467 were the 2 SD40-2's

SD70ACE number is the 1167

AC44C6 4063 is the unit that was vaulted into the air. Cab appears intact in the above photos but would not survive the ensuing deliberate tip-over. Later photos show a crushed roof on the 4063 cab after gravity (with some prodding help) dismounted it.
  by litz
the stunning thing about 4063 is that the frame (at least in the pictures) does not appear to have bent.

I can't imagine there's much salvage to be had there, though. Even if it looks good, after the forces at work, doubtful if you could trust pretty much anything.

This wreck is a very graphic example that, like derails, anti-climbers have clear speed/energy limits. When you exceed them, they are not effective.
  by mmi16
NS suing the offending crew in Court!