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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by ryanwc
I don't think I saw this discussed here at the time it came out.:
https://www.trains.com/trn/news-reviews ... perations/

With the Lincoln Service upgrades, CP's acquiescence in expansion of the already solid, fast Milwaukee service and an additional Twin Cities train, and fast track in Michigan, the Chicago Hub is starting to look like a real thing rather than a blot in the middle of the country where Amtrak trains head to die.

The remaining flaw is the Sargasso Sea that is the south and southeast approaches to/exits from the city. Amtrak appears to have a genuine plan to fix it, which leaked out last summer.

Though they're still talking about moving St. Louis trains to the Rock, they've apparently gotten serious about using the CN Lakeshore route to connect to South Shore trackage in Indiana.

Calling Tadman! Calling Tadman! I remember your absolute fury several years ago that they had seemed to abandon this common-sense solution for the Indiana tangle and its associated South Side stalls. I admit to being less expert in all this than you and many others. But does this plan pass muster? Are the cost estimates realistic?

A functioning Chicago Hub would absolutely transform Amtrak, in my opinion. This could be a big deal.
  by ryanwc
Two links -- first, to the Chicagoland forum here, where it was written up last June, including some useful maps and a link to the Amtrak grant

Next, a High Speed Rail Alliance update from March, 2023 - it was deemed inappropriate for the MEGA grants and Amtrak was reapplying as four separate projects.
https://www.hsrail.org/blog/update-on-t ... t-program/
  by GWoodle
Maybe get some money from CREATE?
  by ryanwc
CREATE itself isn’t fully funded.

CREATE envisioned Amtrak continuing to use the NS exit route from Chicago. One thing I’m not clear on is whether there are projects that wouldn’t be needed if Amtrak i stead used the St Charles Air Line to the Lakeshore Line to Kensington.

But, if so I think it would simply be offsetting unfunded projects, lowering the ultimate cost of CREATE.