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  by Mem160
OK Brian.

So Russ's bridge and your bridge are one and the same. Where is the cattle culvert? Have you been able to locate and/or acquire any photos of the line pre 1956 by now? I figure there were not too many photos at all and if there were they are scarce. I am going to make it a point to get up to Cooperstown this year and check out the NYS Archives building and see what they got! I heard they have a lot of pictures of bridges, trestles, and structures - maybe even grade crossings - along the entire D&H line and not just the Cherry Valley Branch. I am trying to figure out which building it is - I understand it is near the Farmer's Museum. I am really looking forward to your book.

- Mark
  by Mem-160
Have you made any progress on this since we last heard from you?
  by staustell92
Regarding the Cherry Valley Branch crossing Route 20: The highway was rebuilt and widened only about two years before the line was abandoned in 1956. At that time (1956), the bridge you now see crossing Route 20 was built. In other words, the bridge was only two years old when the line was abandoned!

Why was the bridge not moved and used in another location? That's done all the time with railroad bridges. Someone who worked in the Rail Division at NYSDOT (when they had a Rail Division) explained to me that because the bridge was offset (It crosses Route 20 at an angle), it could only be used in a location where the railroad crossed a highway at that same angle. Which is unlikely to happen.

I may have an official D&H grade profile of the Cherry Valley Branch. I've never looked at it but will make a point of doing so now.
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