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  by frankgaron2
Hi All:

Quick question - when and why did the PRR realign the Chataqua Branch from Spartansburg up into Corry? It looks like the PRR had it running from Spartansburg direct to Corry, and then at some point they laid a new line (?) from Spartansburg through Ormsbee Road and Lovell?

I remember riding a bike over to the tracks in Centerville back around 1975 or so. The flashers were going off and I was so hoping to see a train go by. Alas, must have been bad circuits or something. Never did see anything moving north of Titusville before they ripped the tracks out, but this line has always interested me.


  by Concord
Frank this is what I know about the realignment. There was a steep grade between Corry and Spartansburg that required pushers. They would cut off at Summit after leaving Corry, this was about halfway between the two cities where the tracks crossed over route 77 and back again. The tracks came into Corry on the south side of the Atlantic and Great Western (Erie) main near the old Philadelphia and Erie RR (PRR) tower. Here there was a small yard and interchange tracks for the A & GW. (Erie) The tracks crossed the A & GW at grade to reach the P & E interchange. This was west of the P & E station and East of the Buffalo , Corry & Pittsburg RR that left Corry to head north to Brocton NY. After the Pennsy took control , a train leaving Titisville and arriving in Corry on the P & E would have to make a backup move to continue going north to Brocton.

The realignment of the track took care of both problems, and also crossed the Erie on a bridge near Lovell. The new track arrived in Lovell on the south side on the P & E, and paralleled it to Corry. Switches near the P & E tower allowed the train to head north without stopping. There were also other switches between Corry and Lovell to allow a crossover, but I am not certain for sure where they were located.

Frank this the best information I have, if anyone has other information to add or can correct any errors I may have made please let us know.

  by Aa3rt
Here are a couple of link that may provide some information of interest:



I did some railfanning in the Corry area in the late 1960's/early 1970's-loved that PRR/PC bridge over the EL. Here's a good shot of it:


BTW-Not trying to be the "spelling police" on the board but the correct spelling is "Chautauqua"- that may help if you're doing a web search. I was born in Jamestown, Chautauqua County, NY. The running joke is that only natives know how to spell it.
  by Schaffner
Sorry, LATE reply, but I just found it and have to add something. The west end crossover between this branch and the old P & E was probably just east of PA Rt 89, as theres still a signal bridge there, (minus signals), over the still existant ex-P&E. Went to Spartansburg last Saturday, drove right by the summit of the old, old alignment on aptly named Summit Road, then back up to Rt 6 on 89.
  by Fanatic5
So when did the "Chautauqua Branch" realignment occur?