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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by Fenway1912
Just spent a few days chasing main line trains in southern Poland in the heavy industrial area of Upper Silesia.

Managed to catch several of the classic type EU07/EP07 Bo-Bo electric passenger locomotives, which are actually based on the 1960s British Class 83.

Also saw and filmed the Alco-derived giant diesel yard switchers (Co-Co) Class SM48. These were actually a Soviet copy (WWII Lend-Lease Program WWII Legacy) of the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) switcher locos. A 1940s design cooked up again and produced en masse in the 1970s. In the following film, the big diesel appears from 0:36 onwards and definitely makes plenty of noise and kicks out a lot of exhaust fumes. The friendly cab crew actually saw me there on the platform and with the camera set up and made a point of making their departure as noisy and dirty as possible :)