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  by johnpbarlow
rovetherr wrote:As of November 4th, there is now only one dispatcher covering the D+H, instead of the usual two. I shall express my feelings on the matter using the following picture...
From my frequent eavesdropping on the CPR Sunbury Sub radio feed, the daytime CP/D&H dispatcher does seem a bit harried at times with occasional long response times to Sunbury Sub field people dialing him/her up but then there's currently a fair amount of miscellaneous MoW activity going on south of Binghamton. I also hear the last few hours of the third trick dispatcher and there is often lots of silence, with conversation focusing around almost daily track warrant issuance for NS932's northward trek and for CP 458's southward movement out of Binghamton (often with additional TW conversation for a meet at the New Milford siding). I did hear an interesting conversation a week or so ago where the 3rd trick dispatcher was relaying communications between the engineer and conductor assembling a very long 259 train around Scranton because the C&E's radios couldn't reach each other reliably due to train length. But I can't tell what the impact of a single dispatcher has on train ops in the CTC territory north of Binghamton/Afton.
  by Dick H
From the looks of the CP power that has been showing up occasionally
on PAS, EHH must have shut the water off in the wash bays.