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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by delvalrailfan
111 Kansas City MO-Danville KY
112 Chattanooga TN-Kansas City KS (BNSF)
117 Bellevue OH-Chattanooga TN
123 Decatur IL-Linwood NC
127 Danville KY-Macon GA
132 Chattanooga TN-Bellevue OH
135 Linwood NC-Knoxville TN
143 Elkhart IN-Chattanooga TN
144 Chattanooga TN-Elkhart IN
147 Cincinnati OH-Irondale AL
148 Chattanooga TN-Cincinnati OH
162 Sheffield AL-Bulls Gap TN
163 Bulls Gap TN-Sheffield AL
165 Linwood NC-Chattanooga TN
167 Madison IL (TRRA)-Danville KY
168 Danville KY-Madison IL (TRRA)
174 Macon GA-Elkhart IN
177 Elkhart IN-Macon GA
178 Irondale AL-Bellevue OH
179 Bellevue OH-Irondale AL
180 Macon GA-Bellevue OH
15T Allentown PA-Irondale AL
16T Irondale AL-Allentown PA
300 Chattanooga TN-Knoxville TN
303 Loudon TN-Chattanooga TN
319 East St. Louis IL (A&S)-Louisville KY
376 Louisville KY-Bellevue OH
386 Andover VA-Bulls Gap TN
387 Bulls Gap TN-Andover VA

200 Danville KY-Hammond IN (Colehour)
201 Rutherford PA-Rossville TN Mon-Sat
202 Rossville TN-Rutherford PA Mon-Sat
215 Chicago IL (Calumet)-Atlanta GA
216 Atlanta GA-Chicago IL (Calumet)
223 Kansas City MO-Atlanta GA Mon-Sat
224 Atlanta GA-Kansas City MO Fri-Wed
229 Columbus OH-Jacksonville FL (FEC) Tue-Sat
282 Jacksonville FL-Chicago IL (Landers)
285 Kansas City MO-Jacksonville FL (FEC)
295 Chicago IL (Landers)-Jacksonville FL
22A Norfolk VA-Louisville KY
23G Louisville KY-Norfolk VA
25A Chicago IL (Calumet)-Danville KY

239 Georgetown KY-Kansas City MO (UP)
275 Shelbyville KY-Atlanta GA
276 Jacksonville FL-Princeton IN
288 Atlanta GA-Detroit MI
289 Detroit MI-Shelvyille KY
27K ? - Georgetown KY As Needed
28G Kansas City MO-Georgetown KY As Needed

T08 Frisco TN-Kingsport TN Coal Shuttle Turn
T09 Middlesboro KY-Knoxville TN
T10 Knoxville TN-Middlesboro KY
T11 Sharonville OH-Cincinnati OH Turn
T18 Greenville TN-Morristown TN Turn
T19 Shelbyville KY-Harrodsburg KY Turn
T21 Knoxville TN-Maryville TN Turn
T24 Greenville TN-Bluff City TN Turn
T30 Knoxville TN-Luttrell TN Turn
T35 Clinton TN-Jellico TN Turn
T46 Sharonville OH-Cincinnati OH Turn
T52 Bulls Gap TN-Yuma VA Turn
T54 Bulls Gap TN-Frisco TN Turn
T61 Georgetown KY-Danville KY Turn
T62 Kingsport TN-Yuma VA Turn
T64 Georgetown KY-Danville KY Turn
T65 Erlanger KY-Williamstown KY Turn
T66 Lexington KY-Georgetown KY Turn
T67 Lexington NY-Danville KY Turn
T68 Sharonville OH-Cincinnati OH Turn
T74 Frisco TN-Duffield VA Turn
T78 Louisville KY-Shelbyville KY Turn
T79 Louisville KY-Shelbyville KY Turn
T80 Kingsport TN-Yuma VA Turn
T82 Frisco TN-Duffield VA Turn
T90 Cincinnati OH-Sharonville OH Turn
T91 Cincinnati OH-Richwood KY Turn
T96 Sharonville OH-Cincinnati OH Turn
T97 Sharonville OH-Cincinnati OH Turn
T99 Bulls Gap TN-Andover VA Turn

Unit Trains
40G Elkhart IN-Loudon TN Grain Loads
40W Elkhart IN-Monetta SC Grain Loads
42G Clyde OH-Loudon TN Grain Loads
44A Toledo OH-Baldwin GA Grain Loads
46R Columbus OH-Gainesville GA Grain Loads
48A Frankfort IN-Loudon TN Grain Loads
50G Chicago IL-Baldwin GA Grain Loads
50J Chicago IL-Goldsboro NC Grain Loads
50K Chicago IL-Goldsboro NC Grain Loads
50N Chicago IL-Albany GA Grain Loads
50Q Chicago IL-Albany GA Grain Loads
50T Decatur IL-Gainesville GA Grain Loads
50W Decatur IL-Mobile AL Grain Loads
51G Baldwin GA-Elkhart IN Grain Empties
51J Forsyth GA-Chicago IL Grain Empties
51K Goldsboro NC-Chicago IL Grain Empties
51R Maysville GA-Mansfield OH Grain Empties
51Z Columbia SC-St. Louis MO Grain Empties
52G Decatur IL-Baldwin GA Grain Loads
52J Decatur IL-Forsyth GA Grain Loads
52K Blue Island IL (IHB)-Goldsboro NC Grain Loads
52M Decatur IL-Goldsboro NC Grain Loads
52N Decatur IL-Albany GA Grain Loads
53G Loudon TN-Decatur IL Grain Empties
53J Loudon TN-Decatur IL Grain Empties
53K Goldsboro NC-Blue Island IL (IHB) Grain Empties
53N Valdosta GA-Fort Wayne IN Grain Empties
54A Frankfort IN-Albany GA Grain Loads
54E Toledo OH-Albany GA Grain Loads
54K Bluffton IN-Chester SC Grain Loads
54M Chattanooga TN-Forsyth GA Grain Loads
55J Linwood NC-Tipton IN Grain Empties
55Q Forsyth GA-Frankfort IN Grain Empties
55Z Chester SC-Frankfort IN Grain Empties
56Z Elkhart IN-Goldsboro NC Grain Loads
57E Goldsboro NC-Elkhart IN Grain Empties
57Q Albany GA-Naples IN Grain Empties
57Z Brunswick GA-Fort Wayne IN Grain Empties
58J Albion MI-Valdosta GA Grain Loads
58T Forsyth GA-Circleville IN Grain Empties
58Z Columbus OH-Raleigh NC Grain Loads
59J Valdosta GA-Albion MI Grain Empties
60C Hammond IN-Calvert AL Steel Coil Loads
61C Calvert AL-Hammond IN Steel Coil Empties
64H Chicago IL-Westover GA Ethanol Loads
64Q Chicago IL-Jacksonville FL (FEC) Ethanol Loads
65H Westover GA-Chicago IL Ethanol Empties
65Q Jacksonville FL (FEC)-Chicago IL Ethanol Empties
66E East Peoria IL (IAIS)-Augusta GA Ethanol Loads
66M Chicago IL-Spartanburg SC Ethanol Loads
67E Augusta GA-East Peoria IL (IAIS) Ethanol Empties
68E Chicago IL-Doraville GA Ethanol Loads
708 Mt. Vernon IL-Wansley GA Coal Loads
709 Wansley GA-Mt. Vernon IL Coal Empties
786 Loudon TN-Wateree SC Coal Loads
787 Wateree SC-Loudon TN Coal Empties
76M Knoxville TN-Hilton GA Coal Loads
808 Birmingham AL-Hammond IN Coke Loads
809 Hammond IN-Birmingham AL Coke Empties
890 Louisville KY (PAL)-Kingston TN Coal Loads
891 Kingston TN-Louisville KY (PAL) Coal Empties
  by delvalrailfan
167 Granite City IL-Danville KY
168 Danville KY-Granite City IL
175 Bellevue OH-Macon GA
736 Memphis TN (BNSF)-Juliette GA Coal Loads
737 Juliette GA-Memphis TN (BNSF) Coal Empties