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  by bartholmew
does anyone have any maps of cedar hill, both in its prime, and now, and what tracks are being used now , also any pictures, the yard always sparked my interest because it was so big at one time and now looks so small

  by humpyard
Here are historic topographic maps of former Cedar Hill hump yard:
Western part,
Eastern part.

Everyone is invited to visit and eventually to join my international quadrilingual forum about the world's operated and closed hump yards. Often the answer to such questions on US. and foreign yards can be found in the link list of my site, sorted alphabetically by countries, followed by the railroad terminal areas and then the yards themselves. Please observe that it is an international site, thus all is written in the official endonyme spelling of each country instead of English spelling: e. g. ESPAÑA instead of Spain.

Have much fun with it!

A good source for maps/track charts of Cedar Hill may be to stop in at the NHRHTA annual "convention" which is usually held in late Oct/early Nov. Last year there was a fellow with copies of lots of NH yards, etc. for sale. Wish I'd had gotten his address.

As far as what is still in use today: The Grove yard, which was part of the NB departure yard; a few tracks that I believe were SB/ Shoreline receiving; a handful of tracks that are the north ends of what was the NB/EB class yard; a few tracks still used in part of what was either Maybrook or Shoreline receiving. Others may be able to add to this, but off the top of my head that's about all that is left "active". Hope this helps.
  by gawlikfj
Hey Buddy:
If you contact the NHRHTA.org and see if they can put you in touch with a Phil Wooding,he will have the maps that you need.
I've bought a few yard maps from him and as a member of the New Haven Railroad Historical Techinal Association I know he's good.

Frank 2965