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  by Head-end View
I was recently at a station on the "L" line and got to see the new flashing-green signal aspect for CBTC rules/automatic train operation. Interesting.
  by trainbrain
The Wikipedia article on signaling of the NYC Subway says that the new CBTC signals on the 7 line will be activated in 2018. I assume this means the remaining R62A sets on the line will be moved elsewhere.

The Queens Boulevard will be getting it next, and the first phase will have it go from the top of the 6th and 8th Ave lines in Manhattan to Kew Gardens. Will all 4 tracks be getting it at first, or just the express tracks? They won't be able to run it in automated mode right until the R211's are in because the R46's on the R are obviously not compatible. There is little information available on the timeline for implementation on this line or whether construction has even started.

Here's the confusing part. The article lists the Lex Ave, Broadway, Crosstown/Culver, 8th Ave, 6th Ave, Fulton, Rockaway, 4th Ave, Brighton, and Manhattan Bridge lines to have it installed by 2029. This leaves out the BMT West End and Sea Beach lines, The IRT 7th Ave Line, all IRT lines in Brooklyn, and all lines in The Bronx. I have no idea why the Rockaway Line or Fulton Line needs it because those lines aren't operating at anywhere near capacity due to the A/C merge. Also, I don't see why the G line would need it either although maybe this only refers to the part of the line that's shared with the F. I also don't see why the IRT 7th Ave line isn't a priority either since it would be the only line in Manhattan not equipped with CBTC as part of this plan.
  by Head-end View
I wouldn't take Wiki's predictions too seriously. The pace of this kind of progress tends to be slower than planned. :(
  by R36 Combine Coach
The July 2017 MTA Capital Program monthly report has 7 Line CBTC to be completed Q4 2017, with partial off-peak and overnight CBTC operation already in service. Full CBTC would be phased in starting October 2017, with shakedown and testing needed first.
  by Jeff Smith
https://www.progressiverailroading.com/ ... ect--60557
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) crews yesterday began the next phase of the agency’s signal modernization project on the Culver F Line in Brooklyn, New York.

This phase of the project — which was delayed from its original March start date due to the COVID-19 outbreak — includes replacing 70-year-old signals between Church Avenue and Coney Island stations with a communications-based train control (CBTC) system.

Crews also will replace the Kings Highway Interlocking and add three new signal facilities at Ditmas Avenue, Bay Parkway and Avenue X stations.
  by R36 Combine Coach
8th Avenue, IND Crosstown and Lexington IRT main line are due in next 3-5 years.