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  by Jeff Smith
New Operator for former Ogeechee Line from Ardmore GA to Sylvania GA


Current Operations:

Azalea Sprinter Excursion Railroad (NEW - Nashville, GA near Valdosta): azalea-sprinter-excursion-railroad-new- ... 75541.html

Valdosta -Ray City – Nashville – Willacoochee

Madison -Godfrey – Shady Dale – Newborn

Barnesville – The Rock – Thomaston

https://dcms-external.s3.amazonaws.com/ ... /51700.pdf
CaterParrott Railnet, LLC—Change of Operators Exemption—Ogeechee Railroad

CaterParrott Railnet, LLC (CPR), a Class III rail carrier, has filed a verified notice of exemption under 49 C.F.R. § 1150.41 to assume operation of approximately 22.4 miles of rail line owned by the State of Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) between milepost SA-36.4 at or near Ardmore, Ga., and milepost SA-58.8 at or near Sylvania, Ga. (the Line).

CPR states that the notice of exemption filed in Ogeechee Railroad—Acquisition & Operation Exemption—Georgia Midland Railroad, Docket No. FD 35086, identifies the Line’s endpoint as milepost SA-57.5, but, according to CPR, a recent review determined that the Line extends to milepost SA-58.8.

CPR states that it is also entering into an asset purchase agreement with ORC under which CPR is acquiring ORC’s assets related to the operation of the Line, including the lease of the Line between ORC and GDOT.